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10 Best iOS Emulators For PC (Windows And Mac)



10 Best iOS Emulators For PC (Windows And Mac)

Best iOS Emulators For PC

In order to run iOS apps on other operating systems, there exist programmes called iPhone emulators that mimic the hardware of an iPhone. To test iPhone apps on Windows or Mac PCs they use for programming, app developers frequently employ emulators. These iPhone emulators accurately reproduce the fundamental features of an iPhone, despite the fact that they cannot run apps directly from the Apple App Store.

There are many benefits to running a mobile app on your PC using an Android or iOS emulator. While there are several good Android emulators available, there aren’t many ways to run iOS apps on Windows and Mac. I’ve put together a list of the top iOS emulators for PC and Mac to aid you.

You can mimic the actions of an iOS smartphone using these emulators without investing in additional hardware. Using an emulator, you can play games like PUBG and Pokemon Go on your computer. Additionally, it aids in the discovery of anomalous behaviour by app developers when the apps are being tested.

There aren’t a lot of iOS emulators available. Emulation is strictly forbidden by Apple, which always disables and removes such applications. Despite this, you can still use a few iOS emulators to run iPhone apps on your Windows or Mac computer and test out new ones. Both varieties of emulators will be included in this list. Therefore, you will discover something that meets your needs, regardless of your use-case.

Best iOS Emulator For PC: Run iOS Apps On Windows

As always, you may use the table of contents below to jump ahead to any specific emulator.

1. iOS Remote Simulator by Xamarin

Using the Xamarin plug-in, Microsoft Visual Studio, a well-liked software development environment for Windows and Mac, enables the creation of iOS apps. Although it can support enterprise applications for a fee, users can get free developer software to build non-enterprise software on their own computers.
You can use crucial iOS tools like Touch ID, Siri Shortcuts, Core ML 2, and ARkit thanks to Xamarin. While Xamarin needs a Mac to operate at its best, utilising it on a Windows device has some advantages. For instance, you can interact with the simulator or make shaking movements as if you were using an actual iPhone if you have a Windows touch-screen device. You can employ multi-finger touch gestures in addition to pinching, swiping, and taking screenshots.


A web-based iOS simulator is called You must upload a simulator build of an app in order to use it. Before you can test your app using, you must first create it using a platform like Xcode or Xamarin. It must be uploaded as a bundle in the form of a ZIP or.tar.gz file. When you upload a file, provides you a link so you can access the app online. It allows you to use iframes to embed simulator programmes inside HTML code, which is helpful for promoting your app or showing off demo presentations.

From the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, as well as select iPad models, is compatible with various iPhone versions. One concurrent user may use the service for 100 minutes each month during the free trial. 500 monthly minutes and 20 concurrent users are included in the basic subscription. You can purchase the premium package if you want 2,000 minutes per month and unlimited users. The enterprise package provides limitless usage for businesses.

3. iOS emulator XCode

The fact that Xcode was developed by Apple makes it the greatest emulator for iOS developers. It simulates every Apple device so you can examine how your app’s layout changes on different iPhone and iPad models, both with and without Retina Displays. As a result, you can guarantee that iOS 10 devices can use your iOS 13 software.

Depending on the device and iOS version, Xcode also enables you to change the settings accessible on the simulated device to see how those changes impact your app. To ensure that your app functions in both portrait and landscape modes, you may test how it responds to screen rotation. Check out Apple’s Xcode Help manual if you want to learn more about using Xcode to test your project.

4. iPadian 3

You can’t actually get a free trial or anything for iPadian, one of the best iOS emulators for Windows 10. It is a fully paid option. This is an iPad simulator, as the name would imply.

iPadian lacks features like the App Store, like as other simulators. Despite the fact that there are over a thousand of these apps, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and others, you can only access a limited number of them.

As far as emulators go, iPadian is expensive, which is the only reason it isn’t ranked first on this list. But you should think about utilising iPadian if you want an iPad experience on your Windows computer.

5. TestFlight

Essentially, Apple wants its developers to beta test their apps on TestFlight before releasing them to users. TestFlight is now controlled by Apple.

Developers may test their apps on iOS, watchOS, and tvOS thanks to TestFlight. Additionally, the TestFlight emulator supports iMessage apps, which are now a thing. Therefore, TestFlight very much has you covered if you’re developing an app for an Apple device.

However, in order to use TestFlight with your apps, you do need an App Store distribution profile. Additionally, as this is a developer-focused solution, you cannot install any software on it.

6. Mobile Electric Studio

Finally, you can also visit Electric Mobile Studio. For running and testing iOS apps, there is also a premium version of this programme. But this interface isn’t really that great. Additionally, the main purpose of the EMS iOS emulator is to test HTML 5 and JS apps on iPhones and iPads.

It includes debugging tools for WebKit and Chrome so developers may test their web applications. With Electric Mobile Studio, you can also launch numerous instances of emulators, which can be useful if you’re trying to test your app on several devices at once.

7. Apple M1 Macs

The latest Apple M1 MacBooks and Mac Mini are now the best ways to run iOS apps on a computer if none of the emulators seem to be working for you. These gadgets can easily run iPhone apps because they are powered by Apple’s latest ARM chipsets.

The Mac App Store has a distinct section where you may find iPhone apps. In the past, using the.ipa file for the programme you wanted to use, you could sideload iPhone applications as well. You can only install the authorised apps from the App Store because Apple forbids sideloading iPhone apps onto M1 Macs.

8. Smartface 1

The finest iOS emulator is Smartface. The list’s first iPhone emulator is intended for app creators. Developers can use Smartface to test their programmes on various iPhones and iPads at varying resolutions.

Additionally, Smartface does away with the requirement for testing and developing iOS apps on a MacOS machine. Since this iOS emulator starts at $99, Smartface is ideal for business customers.

AIR iPhone is the following iPhone emulator on the list. This iOS emulator’s user interface (UI) looks like iOS 6. You can use this emulator to run iOS apps and play games, after all.

It’s important to note that this application requires the Adobe AIR framework to function properly. Before finally creating the programme, developers can test the layout using this emulator.

Some essential iPhone apps, like Safari and the App Store, are not supported by the AIR iPhone emulator.

9. MobiOne Studios

The greatest iOS emulator is mobione studios. MobiOne Studios is yet another outstanding iPhone emulator on the list. MobiOne, a discontinued emulator, is still available for download and usage.

For creating cross-platform apps that work on both Android and iOS, MobiOne is the ideal service. Additionally, this emulator functions even on outdated PCs. Even the notification panel from iOS 7 can be cloned using MobiOne.

10. iMame

The finest iOS emulator is iMame. Playing iOS games on an emulator is easy using iMame. In reality, iMAME is a modified version of the open-source MAME project for Android.

It emulates the arcade games that MAME supports, which boasts over 8000 unique ROMs. As a result, you can play iOS9/iOS10 games with this emulator. The first version of iMame is no longer available. You can use an Android emulator to run its smartphone version.

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