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5 Strongest Gloo Walls Available In Free Fire MAX That Will Always Keep You Safe From Enemies



Alternatives of Garena Free Fire

In Free Fire MAX, gamers have to stay alive till the end if they want to be successful and win the match. Now if the gamers want to stay alive till the end, then they have to stay away from the bullets of the enemies all the time. At the same time, when there are only enemies on the side of the stars, then it becomes very difficult to escape.

In such a situation, glue walls can be of great use to the enemies. The glue walls act as a shield for the players. It moves in front of you, which does not affect you after being shot. So, Gloo Walls can act as a good helper to stay alive till the end. Let us tell you that there are different types of glue walls. Also Read – Top 5 Guns To Use Between OB34 And OB35 Update For Free Fire MAX Gamers That Will Make The Most Kills In Gaming

Nuclear Bunker

Most of the items in Free Fire MAX are stylish, bright in color, and largely unrealistic. The Nuclear Bunker skin is an exception as it comes in a realistic military theme design. It looks great as a shield and is also very effective.

Gamers playing Free Fire MAX need glue walls to survive enemies. Let us tell you about the 5 strongest Gloo Wall present in the game at the moment.

Ancient Order

This is the white color glue wall skin that Garena added as a pre-order reward for the 24th season. In this skin, two samurai are seen with swords. This is one of the most aesthetic Free Fire skins in Free Fire, which comes in red, white, and black colors.

Cobra Strike

The design of this glue wall skin is quite special and probably one of the most popular designs. The Cobra Strike skin always makes it to the list of Best Glue Wall Skins by Free Fire MAX because of its unique design. Its frame includes a snakehead which gives the cosmetic a menacing yet beautiful look. The developers introduced the red glue wall through the Cobra Party event as one of the primary rewards.

Death Guardian

Of all the Glue Walls skins for players, the Death Guardian is the favorite Glue Walls skin. This popular skin has a guardian mask with a mix of golden and gray colors.

Spikey Spine
This Glue Wall skin was recently introduced to Free Fire through the Diwali Pass. This legendary greyish skin has purplish-pink spikes to give it a unique look.

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