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5 Ways to Improve Your Academic Performance with the Help of Modern Technology



Academic Performance

Technology has a big impact on various industries – health, communication, transport, and finance. Recently, it has also become an integral element of education. Various online tools, apps, websites, and programs help modern students improve their academic performance. It’s amazing how technology means are integrated into studying. They significantly help to improve knowledge and master learning skills. For instance, there are some apps that can boost your focus or make you more organized. Specific setups can make you less distracted by the Internet and stay productive. Modern technology benefits the way people study and makes it easier for students to grasp things.

If students get overloaded with numerous academic tasks, technology offers a big variety of solutions for them. For instance, people who feel that essay writing is a burdensome task for them are recommended to try Essayontime website where they can ask professional Australian writers to complete their assignments. This way, modern technology is used to enhance academic results and get the highest grades.

If you are still wondering what are some ways of using technology to be an efficient student, read about them below.

1. Manage college tasks with online check-lists

To-do lists have been popular for a very long time because of one main reason: they work! Maybe it is related to the psychological satisfaction that comes while clearing tasks in your list one by one until you have nothing left there. Most people feel it’s wildly cathartic. Lists are very helpful for studying when you break down big projects into the smallest tasks. Going through them and completing them one after another allows you to realize the real amount of work that you’ve done. Besides, ticking off small tasks on your list makes your big projects look less daunting. For instance, when you need to study for the final, you may see it quite stressful and discouraging. But if you break this goal into small objectives like reading 20 pages, reviewing a lab report, or studying a chapter, then you may become more inspired to complete your tasks as they seem methodical and doable. Technology helps to manage your to-do lists more efficiently as they can be accessed anytime on any device. Keeping track of your tasks with the help of electronic checklists such as Wunderlist or TickTick may increase your academic results.

2. Use web dictionaries

Those students who struggle with concepts or words that are difficult to understand may fall behind with studies. To avoid that, turn to advanced online dictionaries and look up complicated terms. This way, you will extend your vocabulary and fill your knowledge gap with new terminology. Moreover, if you study in a foreign language, web dictionaries are a necessity for you. They are an essential tool for improving your academic outcomes.

3. Block websites for some time

Technology can be both helpful and disturbing. Although it is meant to make you more efficient, sometimes it can be extremely distracting. Have you noticed how much time you spend surfing the web while doing your homework? Visiting your favorite websites or checking an app may be very tempting while you are working on a boring college task. Sometimes, technology puts up a roadblock when you need to complete an assignment or write a research paper. Luckily, technology can protect you even from themselves. To be more productive, you just need to set programs that temporarily block chosen websites. If you need to block access to distracting websites for Chrome, you can download ‘StayFocusd’ while ‘LeechBlock’ could be used for Firefox. In case you want to block websites on different browsers, you can use a Windows desktop program called FocalFilter.

4. Get benefits of nag reminders

You probably know that feeling when you decide to take a short break and then get side-tracked by something. You may want to just quickly check a news feed but then you find yourself scrolling it for a few hours. Or probably, your pause for coffee often turns into a long conversation with a flatmate. For such cases, there are numerous ‘nag reminder’ tools that will help you not to miss study hours. They will periodically remind you to do whatever you set. You can use ‘PesterMe’ or ‘24me’ so they will display a popup to remind you about the task.

5. Stay focused with the help of Pomodoro apps

Most students know that it’s better to study in small bursts with short breaks in between because it’s the most effective way to retain information. To organize your study process this way, you should apply the Pomodoro technique. It means that you need to set a timer for 20 minutes and study as hard as you can for this period. After that, you’ll get a 10-minute break to relax. It helps to stay on track and be more efficient. Pomodoro app can be definitely called a technology improving education as it significantly boosts students’ productivity.

There is a big variety of technology helping students that can be applied for different study purposes. The technology tools listed above are aimed at helping with studies by increasing focus, organizing tasks, reminding about important assignments, reducing distractions, and improving knowledge. But every student should make their own research on the most effective ways to boost academic performance in order to reach their specific educational goals.

Author’s Bio

Sandra Larson is an editor at Elizabethan Authors and a college professor that actively uses technology in classrooms. She believes that this is one of the best ways to make students more engaged in the education process. Sandra applies different forms of digital tools to increase the interest and self-efficacy of her students.

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