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Amazon Alexa Voice Could Sound Like Your Deceased Relative: How It Works



Amazon alexa

Amazon has unveiled a new feature that is under development for its virtual assistant Alexa that will enable it to speak aloud in a deceased loved one’s voice, based on a short recording of the person. The feature was shown in a demo presented at Amazon’s annual MARS conference in Las Vegas. As per information shared at the event, Alexa would be able to stimulate anyone’s voice after listening to a recording for less than a minute.

Amazon Alexa could speak in the voice of a relative or Rihanna.

Amazon is working on a feature that will let Alexa speak in your dead relative’s voice. Creepy? You bet! The smart speaker might soon be able to respond to your queries in your dead relative’s voice as Amazon is working on this at the company’s Re: MARS (Machine Learning, Automation, Robots and Space) conference.

The aim is to make “memories last”, as the company said. Amazon is working on a system that will allow Alexa, its voice assistant, to mimic any voice after hearing the person speak for less than a minute.

Rohit Prasad, Senior Vice President, Alexa Team, said during the announcement that they are using artificial intelligence (AI) to make memories last so that it becomes easier to eliminate the pain of losing the ones you love.

Let’s understand how the Alexa Voice tech is expected to work.

Amazon’s Alexa is almost like a family member to many, with people increasingly becoming dependent on it for everyday tasks. Now the company is working to give the machine a new feature that could sound exciting to some but eerie to others. At its annual re: MARS conference on 22 June, Amazon revealed that Alexa could soon be able to recreate anyone’s voice — even if they are dead.

Rohit Prasad, senior vice president, and head scientist, Alexa artificial intelligence said the tech uses AI to synthesize voices based on the data from short audio clips fed to the machine learning system. The result aims to have “human attributes of empathy and affect.”

The biggest value proposition is that the new Alexa voice can “make [loved ones’] memories last”.

But not everybody buys this Amazon claim.

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