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Amazon’s Prime Air drone delivery tests are coming to Texas, too



Amazon’s drone delivery

Amazon’s Prime Air delivery drones will begin testing in Texas soon. The drone delivery tests are happening in College Station, Texas, along with a test area announced last month located in Lockeford, California. Hundreds of residents have expressed interest in receiving their Amazon orders via drone. Now, the Company is working with each one of them to make this a reality.

The eastern Texas town is the second location to see the launch of Prime Air drone deliveries. Last month, Amazon announced it would deliver some packages by drone. After that, it will test in the Northern California town of Lockeford.

Amazon said it will work with Texas A&M University, located in College Station, to deploy the drones. Amazon shoppers in Lockeford and College Station will be able to receive free drone delivery on thousands of everyday items, Amazon said.

Amazon’s drone delivery is coming to Texas

The current MK27-2 design has a hexagonal shape that Amazon says increases stability as well as propellers that the company claims will minimize high-frequency soundwaves.

The company said its drones are capable of delivering packages up to five pounds in less than an hour. Prime Air drones can fly up to 50 miles per hour and up to an altitude of 400 feet, Amazon said.

Its drones fly to a designated delivery location, descend to the shoppers’ backyard, and hover at a safe height, the company said. The device releases the package, rises back up to altitude, and returns to base, Amazon said.

The exact date Prime Air will be made available is currently being kept under wraps.

The company originally announced plans to create a 30-minute drone delivery service in 2013. He showed off this now-dated video as a demonstration of what the future might be like. Amazon showed off redesigned drones with hybrid VTOL capabilities in 2019. He received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration that let its drones carry packages while working beyond the operator’s visual line of sight in 2020.

Before announcing plans to begin delivery tests to consumers, reports focused on the hurdles Amazon was facing. It includes multiple drone crashes and accusations the program was being rushed along.

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