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Apex Legends Mobile giving tough competition to PUBG Mobile in 13 days of launch



Apex Legends is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch on March 9th

Sensor Tower has published its latest report, where it has told about the most downloaded mobile games in May 2022. According to the news, like last time, this time also Subway Surfers was downloaded the most worldwide.  This game once again beats PUBG Mobile, and is super popular in China

Garena Free Fire is second on the list of global downloads. Last time also it was in the same position. But, the next four names on this list are completely new. The recently launched Apex Legends Mobile has also entered this list. After its release on May 17, it has become the fourth most downloaded game in the world this month.

Top 10 Mobile Games (May 2022): Sensor Tower

As we mentioned earlier, in May 2022, Sybo Games’ Subway Surfers was the most downloaded in the world. The game was installed 30 million times this month. This is an increase of 86.5 percent over the previous year. The maximum download (15 percent) of this game has come from India and 14 percent of the game’s downloads have come from the US.

Garena Free Fire is the second top mobile game in the world in terms of downloads, having been downloaded 26 million times in May 2022. This is an increase of 50.3 percent over the previous year. On the list is Tall Man Run at number three, Apex Legends Mobile at number four, and Deliver It 3D game at number five. The number six Stumble Guys mobile game is also a new entry in this list.

Apex Legends Mobile is a new entrant released worldwide on May 17. At a glance, there are several similarities between the mobile version and the PC and console version. These similarities include Legends and maps that mini-sized versions of their console and PC counterparts.

Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile was launched on May 17 on Android and iOS platforms. In just 13 days of release, the game collected so many downloads that it reached number four in Sensor Tower’s May 2022 download rankings. Titles like PUBG Mobile, Pokemon GO, or Call of Duty are not included in the top 10 list.

Apex Legends Mobile is number two in the download ranking of Apple App Store. Subway Surfers is on top here too,

Apex Legends Mobile has entered a space that BGMI has dominated for a long time with a mobile version of its battle royale title. The latter was a follow-up to the original PUBG Mobile, released worldwide. Following a government directive, the popular battle royale was banned in India.

After a long wait, fans finally got their hands on BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India). Despite having a different name, it’s the same mobile adaptation of PUBG that created its niche genre.

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