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Apple finally lets you see your Wi-Fi network’s password in iOS 16



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Apple is finally adding the ability to see saved WiFi passwords in the upcoming iOS 16. The iPhone has never allowed you to see the password of saved WiFi networks, but a quick setting now reveals the password.

iOS 16 developer preview includes an option to view a Wi-Fi password and even copy it to share with friends or family. You need to authenticate with a Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode to see a stored password, and then you get an option to copy it.

On the iPhone, sharing Wi-Fi passwords has never been simple. When you visit a family member or a friend who possesses an iPhone, you will realize how difficult it is. You must either recall the Wi-Fi password or read it from a note you penned one fine day. However, unless you have an Apple device, you can’t rely on your iPhone to figure out your Wi-Fi password. When iOS 16 is released later this year, however, this will no longer be the case.

Apple is finally adding the ability to see saved WiFi passwords in the upcoming iOS 16.

When you connect to a Wi-Fi network, the log of that network displays in the Wi-Fi settings. By pressing on the Wi-Fi log and then on “Password” in the developer preview of iOS 16, you may see the password. Unless Apple decides to change the feature, it’s likely that the identical setting will appear in the stable version of iOS 16. It could either add new functionality or eliminate existing capabilities.

Apart from the new ability of the new iPhone software to show passwords of saved Wi-Fi networks, iOS 16 also includes new lock screen widgets, edit and undo functionalities in Messages, and an even better Live Text feature that now works with videos, and shared iCloud photo libraries that make sharing photos with family a lot easier. In iOS 16, Apple also improved privacy features, including a function that will assist users who are in an abusive relationship.

How to view a saved Wi-Fi password on iOS 16

For this to work, you must be either connected to the Wi-Fi network or have connected to it in the past and be near enough to the router for the network to appear in your settings. If you meet these requirements, launch the Settings application on your iPhone running iOS 16 and do the following:

1. Go to Wi-Fi.

2. Find the Wi-Fi network you want the password for and tap on the blue information icon to the right of the network name.

3. Tap on Password and use Face ID, Touch ID, or enter your passcode to view the password.

4. Finally, hit Copy to save the password to your clipboard.

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