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Apple iPhone 14: More Always-On display hints surface ahead of launch



New update in Apple's iOS

Apple’s latest iPhones may have the best video cameras with unmatched performance, but they lack a feature that has been around on Android devices for years, and that is an always-on-display. However, this might change this year as few models in the iPhone 14 lineup are expected to come with always-on-display.

As noted on Twitter by MacRumors contributor Steve Moser, the Xcode 14 beta features an interesting Lock Screen interface that eliminates detail from an on-screen widget as the screen wakes. The animation indicates that the ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ models could remove intricate details from widgets and other Lock Screen content when the iPhone is locked and the always-on display is active.

A sneak peek at always-on mode in iOS 16

As previously demonstrated by 9to5Mac, some of the new iOS 16 wallpapers have a darker, less colorful version labeled “Sleep,” which could be used when the iPhone 14 Pro has the screen “turned off.” This would result in an experience similar to the always-on mode on the Apple Watch instead of just a black screen with widgets.

We have also been able to corroborate that Xcode 14 beta 4 has indeed partial support for the new always-on mode. In the example below, you can also see the default iOS 16 wallpaper in its “Sleep” state when the always-on mode is in action.

While it would be great to see an Always on Display come to all iPhone 14 models, the rumors currently indicate that the feature will be reserved for the Pro models. One of the technologies that make an Always on Display a possibility is a display capable of a variable refresh rate.

Apple brought that to the Apple Watch in order to enable the feature and, last year, the company did the same for the iPhone 13 Pro models when it brought Pro Motion to the phones. That was a big step towards bringing the feature to the iPhone.

iOS 16’s ‘Sleep Wallpaper’ state also hints at AoD

Apple’s implementation of the new Always-On display screen is also expected to include a dimmed-down, gradient version of the wallpaper. As per a report by Screen Rant, an iOS 16 beta has introduced a new wallpaper state that is enabled by default. Phones on the new beta wake up from sleep in a different manner. Every time a user presses the power button or engages with the phone in other ways (taping the screen, lifting the phone) the lock screen slowly fades into color.

iPhone 14 Pro models to come with faster RAM

According to a report by DigiTimes, the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max will feature 6GB of LPDDR5 RAM, which is a significant upgrade over the LPDDR4X RAM on the current iPhone models. For the uninitiated, LPDDR stands for Low-Power Double Data Rate, which refers to the type of RAM used in modern-day smartphones and computers. To compare, the LPDDR5 RAM is more capable and power efficient that the LPDDR4X RAM.

Apple’s Always-On display feature, however, may be exclusive to the iPhone 14 series’ Pro models, as per previous reports. More details on the same are expected to come in a few weeks when the 14-series will be officially announced.


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