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Battlegrounds Mobile India rolls out May 2022 update, new maps, modes and features to make the game more fun!



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  • Update on iOS devices starting May 13 at 4 PM
  • Caution has also been mentioned for smartphones with Android 12 OS
  • The third major update to the game is given in the form of Classic Mode.

The first major update to the game is the official Livik Map, where players can fight in newly themed areas, and get an all-terrain UTV (high-speed 4-wheel seater).

Update on iOS devices starting May 13 at 4 PM

The May update has started rolling out in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). This new update brings many new features, including the official version of Livik Map, classic mode along with core circle mode. Developer Crafton has also announced that Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is celebrating its first anniversary. On this occasion, the update also includes a first anniversary lobby, some in-game items, and skin cells for players. Meanwhile, Crafton has also mentioned a caution related to an update for smartphones with Android 12 OS.

According to the BGMI website, the update will start rolling out to iOS devices from 4 pm on May 13 and from 12.30 pm to 9.30 pm on Android devices. The update is being rolled out gradually, so there may be some difference in the time mentioned. Connecting to Wi-Fi is recommended to update the game.

BGMI May 2022 update 2.0 features

The first special update in the game is the official Livik Map map. Players can fight in a newly themed area, acquire an all-terrain UTV (high-speed 4-wheel seater), as well as convert their standard weapons such as the AKM, M416, MK12, and M24 to XT weapons.

Now players can load supplies from a large cache of crates. In addition, the official Battlegrounds map will also have special supplies, a new zipline for faster location-to-location, and a new football pitch. Here players can also try their hand at scoring goals to get more items.

The second major feature in the game update is given in the form of Core Circle mode. According to the developer, this mod is inspired by the popular Japanese animation Evangelion. There are new skins, rewards, and bonuses based on progress. It can be enjoyed in Erangel and Livik modes. BGMI says that players can access the theme through in-game discovery events and receive extra bonuses for progress by participating after May 14.

The third major update to the game is given in the form of Classic Mode. It has an emergency pickup feature through which players can call for emergency pickup in Erangel and Miramar.

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