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Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series (BMPS): The first day of the first season is over, know the condition, highlights and details of all the teams



The Season 1 League Stage of Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series (BMPS) is going on in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Last night the second day of this league stage ended. Let us tell you the full account of this multi-crore tournament held yesterday.

Team Soul has managed to stay on top for the second consecutive day in this BGMI tournament. After the end of the second day, this team is present in the first position with 61 kills and 123 points. Let us tell you that the same team was in the first position on the first day as well.

how was the team

It is followed by OR Esports at number two, which has scored 45 kills and 98 points and is in the second position. TEAM XO has also played 8 matches, managing to finish third with 48 kills and a total of 88 points. This team has an advantage compared to the first day.

Talking about Hyderabad Hydras, this team has also secured the fourth position with 45 kills and 86 points in 8 matches. In the fifth position is Big Brother Esports, who have scored 46 kills and 85 points in 8 matches so far. This team has suffered a loss compared to the first day.

These two teams benefit

Autobots Esports is at number six after the second day of this tournament. He has also achieved 29 kills and 81 points. Global Esports is at number seven, which has scored 52 kills and 79 points. R Esports is in eighth place, which has scored 36 kills and 75 points. Both these teams of the last have also benefited compared to the first day. Now it has to be seen that in BMPS 2022, how is the condition of a team after the third day tonight.

first season schedule

Let us tell you that the first week of Season 1 of Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series has started on 19th May i.e. tomorrow evening and will run till 22nd May. This means today is the second day of the first week of this season. After this, the second week will run from May 26 to May 29. The third week will run from June 2 to June 5 and then the Grand Finals of this tournament will be played from June 9 to June 12.

Season one of Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series (BMPS) has started from yesterday and last night i.e. on the second day also saw a great game. Let us tell you how the team was doing in the matches held on the first day.

first season prize list

The prize pool of this event is huge. The prize pool of Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series is Rs 2 crore. The winner will be given a reward of Rs 75 lakh. Even in the league stage of this tournament, the eliminated team will not go empty-handed. In this, a prize pool of 1.8 crores has been kept for the finals. 35 lakhs will be given to the first runner-up. On the other hand, the second runner-up will be given a reward of 20 lakhs.

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