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BGMI Month 11 Royale Pass: How to get Royale Pass and Rewards, know all the details



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A new Royal Pass is introduced every month in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). It enhances the gaming experience of the players. The latest 2.0 update brings with Cycle 2 Season 6 as well as Month 11 Royal Pass.

Like the last season’s Royale Pass, there are many rewards in the Month 11 Royale Pass. To get these rewards, gamers have to buy RP and level up the RP rank. This will help them increase their in-game inventory.

BGMI Month 11 Royale Pass Details

Cycle 2 Season 6 is currently going on in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Royale Pass was introduced in this popular battle royale game on 19th May. It will be live till 5.30 am on June 17. The C2S6 Month 11 RP is based on the ‘Hidden Hunters’ theme and is available in two variants.

This includes the Basic Elite Pass variant and the Superior Elite Pass variant. Players will have to spend 360UC to get the Basic Elite Pass. At the same time, the price of the Superior Elite Pass is 960UC. Players can buy the variant of their choice by going to the RP Pass section.

Royal Pass has been live for quite some time. For this reason, now players should not wait to buy it. Buying the M11 RP also helps BGMI players earn last season’s rewards by exchanging tokens from the adventure arcade game.

Players will get these rewards

Similar to the previous Micro Battles and Cosmic Clash RPs, the ongoing Hidden Hunters Royale Pass offers a host of cosmetic items as rewards. In addition, the Free Royale Pass column includes several rewards for BGMI players.

  • RP Rank 1: Ultimate Trendsetter Set together as well as Electrotech Scar-L
  • RP Rank 5: Ultimate Trendsetter Mask accompanied by Ultimate Trendsetter Cover
  • RP Rank 10: Ultimate Trendsetter Helmet
  • RP Rank 15: RP Avatar (M11), rare Rising Uppercut Emote (Available in Free RP column)

When will the Month 11 Royale Pass arrive in BGMI?

The ongoing Month 10 Royale Pass will conclude on 18 May, and it will result in the RP section getting locked for a few hours. The Month 11 Royale Pass will be rolled out on 19 May at 5.30 am IST.

The Month 11 RP in BGMI will be based on the ‘Hidden Hunters’ theme and will be available in two variants: the basic Elite Pass version (360 UC) and the superior Elite Pass Plus version (960 UC).

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