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Collaborations of the digital queen IU



Everybody is aware of IU has an enormous fan base and public recognition in South Korea.

Each music she has launched has at all times sweeping digital charts and reached excessive variety of distinctive listeners; essentially the most of her songs have PAKs as nicely.

IU has 52 songs copyrighted beneath her title on KOMCA. The idol, who wrote and composed her personal songs, received the award of “Greatest Songwriter” on Melon Music Awards 2017; she is the primary idol to win the songwriteraward ever.

The digital queen“, who gonna quickly collaborate with BTS’s Suga, has beforehand collaborated with many! Listed here are the collaboration songs of IU:

1- IU (feat. Zico of BLOCKB) “Marshmallow” (2009)

2-Bizniz (feat. IU) “Suga Love” (2009)

3-Suho (feat. IU) “Monday through Sunday” (2009)

4- Na Yoon-Kwon (feat. IU) “It is First Love” (2010)

5- Yoo Seung-ho (feat. IU) “I Consider in Love” (2010)

6- Sung Si-kyung (feat. IU) “It is You” (2010)

7- IU (feat. Key of SHINee) “Love Letter For You” (2010)

8- IU (feat. Lim Seul-ong of 2AM) “Nagging” (2010)

9- IU (feat. Thunder of MBLAQ) “Merry Christmas in Advance” (2010)

10- Seungri (feat. IU) “I Know” (2011)

11- IU (feat. Yuna Kim) “Ice Flower” (2011)

12- IU (feat. Yoon Sang) “Sleeping Prince of the Woods” (2011)

13- IU (feat. Lee Juck) “Uncle” (2011)

14- IU (feat. Kim Kwang-jin) “A Little one Looking for Stars” (2011)

15– IU (feat. Ra.D) “Trainer” (2011)

16- IU (feat. Kim Hyeon-cheol) “The whole lot’s Alright” (2011)

17- Wished (feat. IU)”Like You” (2012)

18- Fiestar & IU “Sea of Moonlight” (2012)

19- IU (feat. Jang Yi-jeong of HISTORY) Friday” (2013)

20- IU (feat. Acquire of Brown Eyed Women) “Everyone Has Secrets and techniques” (2013)

21- IU (feat.Jonghyun of SHINee) “A Gloomy Clock” (2013)

22- IU (feat. Yang Hee-eun) “Daydream” (2013)

23- IU (feat. Choi Baek-ho) “Stroll with Me, Woman” (2013)

24- High4 & IU “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms” (2014)

25- Ulala Session (feat. IU) “Summer time Love” (2014)

26- Search engine optimisation Taiji (feat. IU) “Sogyeokdong” (2014)

27- Yoon Hyun-sang (feat. IU) “When Would It Be” (2014)

28- IU (feat. Bizniz) “A Dreamer” (2014)

29- god (feat. IU) “Sing for Me” (2014)

30- IU (feat. Clon) “Growth Ladi Dadi” (2014)

31- Park Myung-soo (feat. IU) “Leon” (2015)

32- IU (feat. Zion.T) “Pink Queen” (2015)

33- Park Myung Soo (feat. GD & IU) “Having An Affair” (2015)

34- Hyungdon & Daejun (feat. IU) “Alternative” (2016)

35- Sister’s Barbershop & IU “Secret Everybody Is aware of” (2017)

36- IU & Oh Hyuk “Cannot Love You Anymore” (2017)

37- IU (feat. G-Dragon of BIGBANG) “Palette” (2017)

38- Epik Excessive (feat. IU) “Love Story” (2017)

39- Sunwoo Junga (feat. IU) “Cat” (2017)

40- Zico (feat. IU) “SoulMate” (2018)

41- Kim Dong-ryul (feat. IU) “Fairytale” (2018)

42- IU & Sung Si-kyung “First Winter” (2019)

43- IU & Henry Lau & Jo Hyun-ah & Yang Da-il “Highway” (2019)

Are you interested in IU’s future collaborations?

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