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Don’t always trust the top comments on Pann, Nate and Naver. Here’s why



That is an info thread.

Worldwide Kpop followers learn Ok-netizens’ opinions on Pann by way of translatr websites on a regular basis. Nonetheless  the highest feedback on Korean group websites equivalent to Pann, and information websites equivalent to Naver and Nate aren’t all the time dependable. Particularly Pann.

There are various obsessed fangirls who manipulate high feedback through the use of bot. I’ll clarify you ways however firstly, learn this word from an Allkpop consumer who translated a Pann article a couple of weeks in the past:


That is the remark that was translated by as we speak


This is my 2 experiences of many about witnessing the bot utilization.

As soon as I used to be going to translate a Pann article and netizen feedback about NCT. That article was posted the day prior to this and there was no new remark coming and the upvotes of the feedback stayed the identical. After I refreshed the web page, there was a remark which mentioned “I’ll edit this remark a couple of hours later.” Abruptly that meaningless remark’s upvotes began growing and the actual high feedback began getting downvoted. Everytime I refreshed the web page, the remark acquired 2 to five votes. It recieved over +300 likes in ~30 minutes and have become one of the best remark. After which, the OP edited the remark with inappopriate pics of NCT members and unhealthy mouthed NCT.

And as we speak, I witnessed one other one. I used to be going to translate the article named “Cha Eunwoo + Jung Jaehyun’s common face” and the feedback. The highest remark was Jaehyun’s pic which had ~10 downcotes and the 2nd and third feedback talked about Jaehyun’s magnificence. I went afk for 10 minutes and after I got here again, I refreshed the web page an observed an enormous quantity of downvotes on Jaehyun’s pic. Additionally an OP posted Jaehyun’s pic and insulted him, posted 2 extra feedback. Each feedback acquired a number of upvotes in a couple of minutes until they grew to become the highest feedback and the highest remark about Jaehyun saved getting downvotes.

I began a digital timekeeper to show it. 

Presently the pic’s state of affairs is +566, -349

NCTzens known as one another and got here to help Jaehyun. In addition they mentioned they they’ll report the malicious feedback to SM Leisure.

There is likely to be 1 one that makes use of bot, who’s most probably an SM anti, or many individuals. I believe she’s an SM hater as a result of this occurs totally on articles about NCT and EXO. Simply do not belief every little thing you learn. They’re largely manipulated. 

Not solely the feedback’ up-downvotes but additionally the thread’s up-downvotes get manipulated. If an article will get many upovotes, it turns into the pattern on Pann so they have an inclination to extend the article’s votes too. Do not forget that Pann can be utilized by corporations, so in addition they promote their teams. 

Later I’ll translate the feedback on Cha Eunwoo-Jung Jaehyun article with out the bot feedback.

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