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Elden Ring player sees a unique PvP animation after nailing a headshot



Elden Ring

The animations in Elden ring they’re an aspect that can be divisive among long-time From Software fans, though some help make combat feel fluid and rewarding. This is mainly due to the way various animations are recognizable from previous versions. Dark souls titles, but Elden ring’s unique animations can show the effort put into bringing the world.

A player seems to have found one of those unique animations during a PvP match,

posting their findings on the Elden ring subreddit where other fans quickly began to speculate as to the cause. Additionally, some fans have also noted that this unique animation bears some similarities to one of dark souls 3 which is activated under certain conditions.

Elden Ring griefers have discovered a terribly broken PvP build that not only kills other players instantly but can also lock them in an infinite death animation and force them to quit the game.

The “Deathblight” build is a cheap trick that exploits the seemingly unintended cumulative effect of combining the Eclipse Shotel curved blade with the Fire’s Deadly Sin incantation. The Eclipse Shotel’s Ash of War move is called Death Flare, and as its name suggests, it lets you build up instant death on any given target. It’s borderline OP on its own, but if you use it in conjunction with the Fire’s Deadly Sin spell the area of effect (AoE) is essentially a death sentence for anyone in your orbit.

Many communities soon discovered that mechanics can perform differently. It only works for weapon types like the Curved Swords, Thrusting Swords.

the technique is not present in Curved Greatswords.

Interestingly, this technique is not present in Curved Greatswords. However, the Bloodhound’s Fang does come with a similar mechanic to its Ash of War, in which players are interested.

It’s important to note here that if the attack has been successfully charged, then the Feint will not work, and players will perform the attack instead, leaving them wide-open to a follow-up from the enemy.

Additionally, Feints can also be performed with a second charge attack after successfully executing the first charge attack. It will require a similar button input, and Tarnished will need to spam the dodge button as soon as the animation for the second charged attack begins.

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