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Facebook planning to make big changes to rival TikTok, leaked memo reveals




  • Facebook is said to incorporate a “Discovery Engine” for more personalized recommendations.
  • The leaked memo indicates that Reels recommendations would come from “unconnected” content
  • It remains unclear how Facebook will implement these updates.

Facebook is taking the TikTok competition more seriously as it was revealed in a leaked memo that the social media giant plans a major redesign of the Feed to make it feel more like its rival app.

According to the internal memo from late April obtained by The Verge, the Meta executive in charge of Facebook, Tom Alison, laid out plans to turn Facebook’s main Feed into one that recommends posts regardless of where they come from. The said feature mirrors TikTok, as the video app does not focus solely on posts from accounts people follow.

Facebook’s feed to become more TikTok-like.

A leaked Meta internal memo from late April reveals the plan to entirely transform Facebook’s feed to become more TikTok-like. In addition, the company’s executives want to reintegrate Messenger back into Facebook’s main app, revealed a report.

According to a leaked memo published by The Verge, Facebook app head Tom Alison wants the platform to incorporate a “Discovery Engine” to offer more personalized short video recommendations similar to TikTok’s “For You” feed. The leaked memo indicates that the Reels recommendations would also come from “unconnected” content, meaning users will see different genres of short videos to stay engaged.

‘Modern Recommendation Systems’

The company is also planning to push out content to help users with “trending content and original creators” by investing heavily in a ‘Modern Recommendation Systems’ initiative with partners across the company. The memo claims that Facebook is planning to bring back Messenger on the app as the company believes there’s a shift in how people share content at present.

Late in April, Zuckerberg revealed details about his talks with investors. “I think about the AI we’re building not just as a recommendation system for short-form video, but as a Discovery Engine that can show you all of the most interesting content that people have shared across our systems,” he said.

“negative experiences”

Besides TikTok’s popularity, Facebook also has another problem to overcome as its current recommendation algorithms have been blamed for the promotion of misinformation on the platform, Engadget reported.

In the April memo, Alison wrote that the company wants to reduce “negative experiences” for users. He said the goal is to promote trustworthiness, a people-centric environment, and unity “across all of our products as a permanent part of our culture as opposed to a short-term priority.”

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