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Texas, Florida, and New York are Three Top US States with the Highest Level of Fake Social Media Accounts



fake social media accounts

Fake social media accounts are posing the biggest security threat on the internet. According to a recent study, a third of US Social Media users are creating fake accounts, with states like Florida, New York, and Texas topping the list.

Such accounts are generally associated with bot networks, while the study claims that there are multiple reasons why people create such fake accounts.

A survey conducted by claims that one in three US social media users has multiple accounts and nearly 48% of them have two or more additional accounts.

While the reason behind creating fake social media accounts varies from one user to another, most said that they have created such accounts to share their thoughts and mindset without being judged.

A Detailed Statistics About Fake Social Media Accounts

13% of them have created a fake account to increase the likes and followers on their real accounts while 41% wanted to spy on someone’s profile.

Speaking of the social media platforms where a majority of fake accounts are usually created, the most named is Twitter, followed by Facebook and Instagram.

The creation of fake accounts is not just limited to the same gender. The survey also found that when creating such accounts, 80.9% of users prefer maintaining their same sex so that they can easily chat with others without getting confused about their gender.

However, 13.1% of users claimed that they used the opposite sex when creating fake accounts as it makes it easy to spy on someone else’s profile. Some of these accounts are just created for fun while others might pose some serious threat to other social media users.

A study also found that a majority of fake account users say 53.3%, prefer keeping the practice secret from their near and dear ones to keep up their reputation. Also, 53.3% of fake account creators are millennials, which is yet another serious matter of concern for the users.

The interesting thing about these fake accounts is that most of the time these accounts haven’t been even reported or noticed. All in all, the study emphasizes the fact that the creation of a fake account is harmful as the point will come when there are going to be more fake users than real ones; hence, it’s high time to take some action now.

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