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Fatal To The Flesh: What Is It and How to Use the Site To Vent Frustration



Fatal To The Flesh

Fatal to the Flesh is a popular website especially designed for those who want to cause self-harm and keep themselves busy. So they usually find ways to get distracted from real-life simulation tasks with visual outputs.

This website first came into existence in the year 2004 by Rafael Rozendaal.

The main objective of Fatal to the Flesh is to make an option as an alternative for people struggling with depression and thinking of self-harm.

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What is Fatal To The Flesh?

There is nothing good in harming yourself or anybody in the real world. Sometimes what happens is that we get so much angry or concerned about some mishappening in our real lives that we anyhow want to vent out this frustration immediately.

As a result, many people either harm themselves in the process or can take an illegal step which in turn make you stuck in legal proceeding further. And many times this all happens just because of our spontaneous anger and we don’t find any simpler way to make ourselves relax, right. But later on, we have to repent for our unnecessary actions.

If you also belong to the category who is struggling with depression or any mental illness, then this website works wonders for you to vent out your frustration, let us know more about it.

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What can you do with this website?

This website is a perfect example of where you can put out your all anger, and frustration without harming anybody in real life. This makes you calm and relaxed. Here you can also create marks that look like real cuts on the body as you can see the blood dripping which helps the individual stop engaging in any task that is harmful to them.

Hence the activities listed on this website basically work as a much safer outlet for all those visitors who wants to vent out their real-life frustration but without damaging any real stuff.

Also, this website helps all the young age group people who have lots of anger issues. They can even blow off steam digitally so that they wouldn’t perform these kinds of activities in real life.

How to use the Fatal to the flesh Game website?

The process s very simple here. Here the users have to first visit the website Here they will see a white blank page, this is called the homepage of the game.  This blank page can also be considered as the skin of the body.

So here users have to move the cursor on the page or they can simply touch the screen as well if you are using a touch screen gadget like a tab or phone. Wherever you will move your cursor, more and more cuts will start to appear there.

These cuts are basically the symbolic representation of how cuts would appear on the real skin.

So as soon as you keep moving the cursor across the screen, more cuts will appear the way you want.

Is it safe to use Fataltotheflesh com?

The main objective of the game is to calm down the aggressive side of human beings. It stops people from harming people in real lives by satisfying their cravings for harming people. It also decreases the suicidal tendency of the users.  This website also helps users to get recover from the pain or suffering users are going through as they can express their pain on white paper by making cuts on the screen with the help of cursors instead of cutting their tissues and skins.

Now the question arises is it safe to use the Fatal to the flesh website?  well, it is generally safe for the people who are suffering from anger issues and not for those who are already chilled-out and happy in their lives. Because sometimes this sort of game can build up the tendency to kill normal people, which is not good at all. So we recommend that only patients or people who are thinking of suicide or killing anybody must play this game to make themselves relaxed. But no other user should play this. However, there are some objections too regarding this website. So, let’s find out the objections and reviews

What is the opinion of people about the Fatal to the Flesh Website?

However, many people came in support of this website that Fatal to the Flesh website supports a healthy mindset. To put their frustration and anger on the white screen rather than on themselves.

Well, if we talk about what users think of this website then let me tell you that the reviews are mixed. There are many people who are supporting this website and feel that this is an excellent way.

To get calm for the people who are suffering from depression or any anger issues. This website in fact works wonders for people with anxiety issues.

On the other hand, many people, especially from the United States, are of the opinion that this website supports violence and promotes different mindsets to the user which is completely unacceptable.

Final Words

Let’s conclude it here now. So, readers, if you are frustrated about anything. And so much angry about it that you want something to make your mind diverted. Then this website is a must for you. As this website allows you to vent your anger without harming yourself.

Hey folks, this is all about the Fatal To The Flesh website. I hope now your all doubts are clear about it. If you still have any queries then do let us know in the comment section below.

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Thanks for reading 🙂 Stay tuned for more updates !!

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