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Google Play Store 10th Anniversary: Google Offering Play Credits for App, Game or In-App Items in India



Google Play Store

Recently, the US search engine Google marked its 10-year anniversary of Google Play Store, revamping the Play Store logo. As a gift to the loyal users, the technology giant offered Play Points and Play Credits for purchasing apps. The users need to activate the points rewards to get better offers on their purchases. The notifications of the rewards came three days later, after the search engine celebrated its 10th anniversary in the Google Play Store. To mark the celebrations, Google has introduced a new logo that reflects the values and branding of the company.

It is noteworthy that Google is not offering Play Points rewards in India. Instead, the company is offering Play Credits in the nation. Play Credits policy works the same as the Play Points. Both are used to purchase apps, games, and in-app items. These rewards will remain valid for a day which allows users to enjoy their purchases on Play Store. The Play Store from the technology giant was created as an Android market. It was launched on Android 1.0. With time, Play Store has evolved over years adding multiple features for buying and downloading applications, officially.

Google Play store offering 10x Play Points for 10 year anniversary

Google also thanked its users of the Play Store and its developers for staying connected for over 10 years. The points by Google Play Store can be used to earn discount coupons. More of these points mean, more coupons. These points could be earned by interacting with the applications. Downloading any apps, making in-app purchases, or downloading the items inside the app will garner Play Point.

The credit awarded to each user is not the same. While one member got Rs. 10 as credit reward, another one got Rs. 20. The notification also suggested that the credited rewards can be used to make a purchase of an app, game or in-app item which has an on-store price greater than the awarded credit. Apparently, the award redemption is also different in both cases on Google Play.

The team member who got Rs. 10 credit will be able to purchase any app, game or in-app item priced over Rs. 50 and Rs. 10 will be adjusted as a part of the Play Credit offer. The Rs. 20 Play Credit of the other team member is valid against an app, game or in-app item with an on-store price greater than Rs. 20 at the time of purchase made from any app or game on Google Play. There is no minimum limit set in the case of the second member.

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