Friday , 31 October 2014
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Google Play store smart app updates now live

Google announced one of the interesting feature called smart app updates in its I/O developer conference this year and the reports are coming in that this features is now live in Google Play store. Smart app updates allows you to download part of the application or game that has been updated instead of downloading the full application or game again. 

smart app updates

This feature is damn helpful when it comes to bigger games and applications. This would also save some battery as it would cut down the internet usage time significantly. This feature has been added at server-side and therefore doesn’t requires to have updated Play store app.

Impact of Smart App updates

This feature is very useful to the Android users as they won’t end up having wasting expensive data and battery life. An average Android users spend about 1-15 minuets daily in updating their apps and games. As only the part of app and game will be downloaded, this time is expected to come down significantly.

For telecom operators, this feature will definitely ease out some pressure on their congested network. Not all telecom operators in different countries are providing unlimited plans and therefore this feature will definitely make life easier.

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