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Google Search gets slew of new features, more focus on visuals



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Google finally wrapped its “Search On” event where the Company unveils a slew of new features for Google Search.

 “We’re going far beyond the search box to create search experiences that work more like our minds– that is as multi-dimensional as people. As we enter this new era of search, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for by combining images, sounds, text, and speech. We call this making Search more natural and intuitive,” Prabhakar Raghavan, Google SVP of Search said during the keynote.

Google Search New Features

First, Google is expanding the multi-search feature–which it introduced in beta in April this year– to English globally and it will come to 70 more languages over the next few months. The multi-search feature let users search for multiple things at the same time, by combining both images and text. The feature can be used along with Google Lens as well. According to Google, users rely on its Lens feature nearly eight billion times a month to search for what they see.

“This is made possible by an in-depth understanding of local places and product inventory. informed by the millions of images and reviews on the web,” Raghavan said regarding multi-search and Lens.

New Translation Features

Google is improving how translations will show over an image. According to the company, people use Google to translate text on images over 1 billion times per month, across more than 100 languages.

With the new feature, Google will be able to “blend translated text into complex images, so it looks and feels much more natural.” So the translated text will look more seamless and a part of the original image, instead of the translated text standing out. According to Google, it is using “generative adversarial networks (also known as GAN models), which is what helps power the technology behind Magic Eraser on Pixel,” to ensure this experience. This feature will roll out later this year.

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It is also making improvements to its iOS app where users will be able to take shortcuts right below the search bar. This will help users to shop with their screenshots, translate any text using the camera, find a song, and more.

When it comes to searching for food – this could be a specific dish or an item in a restaurant. Google will return visually richer results, including images of the dish in question. It also expands “the coverage of digital menus, making them visually richer and more reliable.”

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