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Google Wallet Now Rolling to Android Users, Google Pay to Work Alongside




During Google I/O 2022, the company announced that it would be deploying a new and improved Google Wallet. Now, the new digital wallet is making its way to Android and Wear OS devices in 39 countries. The new update will replace the existing Google Pay app where applicable. However, in the US and in Singapore, users will continue to use Google Pay and Google Wallet, with the former sticking around for payments being made to friends.

Times have changed over the years, with a digital wallet being more than just about keeping credit cards on your smartphone. Google Wallet has evolved and is now task with holding other valuable information such as IDs, loyalty cards, boarding passes, transit cards, hotel keys, and more. It can offer support for any number of items thanks to Android developers. Since the pandemic, it has even been updated to support vaccine cards. But, when you have so much important information in one place, it’s important to have it protected.

If users choose to connect the Google Wallet to other apps, the app can also store relevant data related to activities or events you might be attending via the other app in question. For example, the Google Wallet will be able to keep a tab on time and reservation changes of flights and also inform you if your transit cards have enough funds for a trip.

The new Google Wallet is appearing on users mobiles

The idea behind the application is pretty straightforward — replace your physical wallet with a digital one that stays inside your phone. This means it’ll become a place to store all your IDs, credit and debit cards, airline boarding passes, and more. Google is also integrating its Wallet app with other services like Google Maps. For instance, adding your transit card to Wallet will trigger Google Maps to show your card and balance automatically when you search for directions.

Google says that the application will also be compatible with other Google services. The company assures that it will protect the private information of every individual. Google had several iterations of Wallet that came before today’s implementation. In 2011, it was an NFC payment app and evolved to include other payment features like peer-to-peer money transfers (there was even a physical Google Wallet debit card at one point). In 2018, Google combined it with Android Pay to form Google Pay. Now, at least in most places, that app is starting to become Wallet again. It’s another big change in a long list of changes to Google’s payment apps, but it will hopefully make it easier to store digital cards and pay with your Android phone.

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