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How Do I Become a Professional Gambler?



Anybody who has a knack for casino games has probably already spent some time thinking about the possibility of gambling full-time to make a living. The goal to win big by using your hobby and be set for life is especially tempting. However, it is easier dreamed about than done. Professional gamblers must spend a lot of their time honing their skills, developing strategies, and be able to tolerate losses. What exactly defines a professional gambler, and how can you start this career?

What is a Professional Gambler?

For most professional gamblers, gambling isn’t a lot of glitz and glamour, but simply a way to make a living with their former recreational hobby. Sure, the top players might fly around the world and play for millions in thrilling tournaments, but the majority of those who pay their bills with gambling don’t live that sort of life.

A professional gambler is a person that gains their primary source of income with gambling. There is no official education or license tied to the process. To become a professional gambler, you simply need to accept the risk and gamble (successfully) enough to make a living with the winnings. There are several disciplines you can choose from; from the famous poker players, to blackjack champions, or sports bettors.

Why to Become a Professional Gambler?

For most professional gamblers, a passion for their discipline of choice is at the heart of their desire to make gambling their job. The second-biggest motivator is the amount of money big tournaments promise. Using a hobby to gain a posh lifestyle makes the decision to become a professional gambler the next logical step, once you have played for a while and figure you have what it takes to win consistently.

The rise of online casinos makes it even easier to gamble professionally these days. You can combine your passion for the job with the convenience of not even having to leave your house for it. If you are familiar with the market, you will have seen many online gambling providers who offer regular tournaments and large amounts of prize money. The Twin Casino, reviewed on, for example, holds popular Slot Tournaments with leaderboards and extra cash prices. To find the best options, a gambling community like Casinomeister might give you the right insights.

Choose Your Discipline

You can take many paths as a professional gambler. Really, the choices are not limited in any way. Once you have found a game or a type of bet you are skilled in, you can turn this expertise into a way to make a living. Naturally, some casino games are more popular than others, which means they are more likely to come with big professional tournaments and insane amounts of prize money.

Become a Professional Casino Player

Being ‘a casino player’ is a broad umbrella term. You can use it for the kind of player that enjoys spending time in casinos and dabble in multiple games, or one that plays a game that is less popular than poker or blackjack. This includes games like roulette or using slot machines.

Especially when it comes to online casinos, slot machines are a popular way to make money. Slot machines with progressive jackpots have the highest payouts and made multiple lucky players filthy rich. However, these typical casino games rely much more on luck than any kind of strategy, thus they are way harder to systematically win by using skill to optimize your odds.

Become a Professional Sports Gambler

A successful bettor creates systems and algorithms to analyze the teams and find the best odds and strategies. The key-element is the appropriate knowledge about both the teams and their statistics, and the betting process itself. For example, even if you have the right insight into football as a game, there are countless betting options to choose from. Some have better odds and payouts than others. You can bet on the outcome of a game, or on how many points a team will have made before half-time. As a professional sports bettor, you know which choices to make to build a steady profit.

Become a Professional Poker Player

Many of the players that have become rich and famous made their money playing in big poker tournaments. The game is full of skill and thrill, making it a joy to watch. By generating an audience, poker allows tournament organizers to provide a big payout, which in turn makes the games even more exciting to watch.

To become a good poker player, you need to know the game and percentages, but also be able to read opponents and quickly analyze situations, even under pressure.

Become a Professional Financial Trader

Strictly speaking, trading is not a form of gambling, or rather traders would get offended if you told them so. But not unlike gambling, you make a speculation and win or lose depending on the yet uncertain outcome. Online trading platforms make it just as easy to access as online casinos.

If you ask brokers and traders, they will tell you that trading is different from gambling because the outcome can be controlled by using statistics and analytics to find probable and good investments. However, many traditional casino games, like blackjack, can be given better odds as well if you know the right strategies and percentages. Either way, the stock market offers you just as many chances for high profits and losses as gambling does.

Professional Gambler Tips

Here are four tips that will improve your gambling career:

Money Management

If you become a professional gambler, you will not have a traditional salary. Some gain regular payments by working with sponsors, but it’s not the norm. The money you have available is dependent on the winnings you make. If you can’t find any tournaments or fail to win enough, you might not gain any income for a while. If you want to become a professional gambler, you need to be smart with your money. Set some aside for losing streaks.

Risk Management

Risk management is part of your money management as well. But this time, it is specifically about analyzing the odds and calculating how much money you can spare without going bankrupt if you lose it. When it comes to trading, financial experts will advise you to never invest more than 1 % of your total capital. The same is true for gambling.


Don’t count the importance of skill out, just because some games are luck based. The same goes for interest. There are many disciplines and not everything will suit you. Naturally, the games that match your interests will be the most attractive to you. If you are already a sports enthusiast, sports betting will come easier to you than to others.

Day Jobs

Switching to gambling full time is a risky move. Especially in the beginning of your professional gambling career, you should never go all in immediately. It’s best to keep your day job at the side and maybe just reduce some hours. This way, you are financially stable and can pay your bills even if the winnings are not coming in immediately.


A professional gambler does not necessarily fit the image of Mads Mikkelsen and Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. Instead, they simply use gambling to make a living. A professional gambler must have discipline, planning skills, an iron will and the in-depth knowledge necessary to win consistently. There will be many hours of collecting the experience and skill you need, and probably many losses on the way. What is most important is not to lose sight of your financial security, calculate the risks, and plan ahead accordingly.

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