How to disable Face-tags on Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2 and other Galaxy Devices

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Disable Face-tags on Galaxy Devices

Samsung Galaxy owners, may it be a Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2 or any other latest Galaxy smartphone, would have noticed face-tags on their Android smartphones particularly in Gallery app. If these face-tags annoy you, then here is a way to disable face-tags on various Galaxy devices. If you’re not yet pretty sure about what I’m talking about then let me point them out through images (present at the end of the article). These are the squared boxes with a yellow outline which on the tap allows you to add a tag. The feature looks cool and pleasant till the time it doesn’t blocks the images or particular portion of the image. So, here is how to disable face-tags on galaxy devices.

Disable Face-tags on Galaxy Devices

Disable Face-tags on various Samsung Galaxy Devices

  1. Launch Gallery app from programs menu
  2. Select a photo to view
  3. Tap on the menu key or options icon present on top barDisable Face-tags - Step 1
  4. Tap on “Face Tag”
  5. Tap on “Off” to disable Face-tagsDisable Face-tags - Final Step

That’s it. From now on-wards, your photos won’t display tags or ask to tag the person. Do let us know in the comments below, if you come across any difficulties.