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How To Find Minecraft Pocket Edition Seed Map



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Finding a way around a player’s Minecraft seed can be tricky, but this task is made significantly easier thanks to seed maps, also known as biome finders.

Put in a plain sense, seed maps in Minecraft are external applications that take a world seed’s information and create a map detailing the different aspects of the world.

Players can find different biomes, generated structures

Players can find different biomes, generated structures, and even map out the landscape of the Nether and the End for their seed. Granted, these features are used via third-party sites or programs, but they’re much more helpful with regard to information compared to standard Minecraft map items.

Players will need to locate their world seed if they want to alter or create their own Seed Map. Finding the world seed is easy once players know how to do it. Players can follow the steps below to find the world seed in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

  • First players will need to open Minecraft Pocket Edition
  • Then, players need to open the world for which they want the world seed
  • Now, players must visit the Game Settings
  • Here, players can browse through the list of options till they see the seed of the world option
  • Players must note down the world seed information.

To create a Seed Map, players will have to use a third-party source

This is the information players can use to create and alter a Seed Map in the game. To create a Seed Map, players will have to use a third-party source. While it is fun to create worlds where players can control the rare structures and biomes, these apps are not approved by or associated with Mojang. Players would be taking a certain risk by using such sites.

Arguably the most popular seed map to utilize for Minecraft players is the one developed by the great team at Chunkbase. By heading to the Chunkbase website and navigating to the apps section, players will find the seed map interface.

Here, they can insert their Minecraft seed, pick their applicable version of the game, and even select large biome seeds if they’d like. After entering the seed’s information (or loading it from a game save), it will generate on the map in the center of a screen.

Using touch controls or their mouse, players can drag around the central map and view the different biomes and other features of their seed. A slider underneath the map also allows them to zoom in and out of the seed’s map.

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