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How To Recover Stamina In My Time At Sandrock



My Time At Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock is a life sim category open-world game in which there are many activities to do. If we talk about activities, then in the My Time at Sandrock game you can explore an interesting storyline and beautiful open world, apart from that you can farm, craft, build, fight, ride, play mini-games, and complete missions, and do other fun activities. However, to perform all these activities, your character will need stamina because if your character has less stamina then your character will get tired quickly and you will not be able to progress fast in the game.

When starting a game of My Time at Sandrock, you’ll be given the initial base stat of 300 stamina. This will quickly run out during initial material gathering and harvesting, so you’ll want to upgrade it as soon as you can.

How can you increase your stamina?

You can increase your stamina pool by leveling up, this is relatively easy at first as you’ll only have to follow the main story missions to level up a few times. Once you’ve obtained the materials needed to make the cranes for Rocky during the first main mission, you should have progressed past the first few levels.

Placing furniture in your workshop will also increase your max stamina, as will certain branches of knowledge that you will unlock once you’ve reached level five.

The knowledge feature essentially acts as a skill tree, through which it is possible to upgrade your stamina through the Yard and Gathering nodes.

You’ll start the game with 300 stamina which will be enough to let you explore and do a bunch of stuff. However, as you start performing more and more actions, you’ll notice that your stamina gets depleted pretty quickly.

In order to recover it, you have either:

  • Rest on a furniture
  • Eat food at the Blue Moon Saloon
  • Sleep
  • Eat food you cooked via a Cooking Station

Best ways to recover Stamina in My Time at Sandrock

The best way to recover stamina in My Time at Sandrock is to eat food. Your cooking skill will increase as you progress and allow you to cook better meals. In addition, having high-quality food will let you restore your stamina anywhere in Sandrock.

While sleeping will fully restore your stamina, this will end your day and begin a new one. You must also return to your home. The same can be said for the Saloon as it requires you to return to town.

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