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How to root Micromax A50

Micromax’s so called superphone ninja A50 has finally received root method. One of the androidforums member Varun Chitre has come up with an excellent root method which helps you to root Micromax A50 securely. So, if you have got this punk, get ready to root it.

Micromax superphone ninja a50

Before you proceed

  • This will void you warranty.
  • Your phone should be charged atleast 60%(more than that is expected).
  • You are following this tutorial on your own risk and androidplus is not responsible for damage that may cause to your device.

Download and setup following files

Root Micromax A50

  • Extract all the files from .rar you just download. It should probably look like this.extract rar files
  • Now, extract mt65x3-usb-vcom-drivers and open & run InstallDriver.exe. This will install appropriate drivers required for rooting.(If you are running windows 64 then open installdrv64.exe)
  • Now extract SP Flast Tool in new folder.
  • Open unlockroot and install it. This is the software you will use to root Micromax A50.
  • Open SP Flash Tool and choose Select file > Open scatter loading file and select MT6573_Android_scatter.txt and uncheck everything on the listMT6573_Android_scatter
  • Ignore any error that will pop up
  • Single click on BOOTIMG and select boot.img provided in the package
  • Take out the battery, put it back and without turning on the device connect it to your PC with the USB cable without pressing any button on the phone. Now windows should find the drivers and install it. After drivers are installed, unplug the cable from your phone. Take out the battery from the phone and put it back again. Do not switch on.
  • Once you are done, Hit F9 or click on download button.
  • Then under 15 seconds connect your phone to PC.
  • This will download bootimg(pop up box will show progress of download)
  • Now that you’ve successfully flashed the boot.img,Unplug your phone, take the battery out, put it back and start the phone normally as you do. Let it fully boot.
  • Now your device is ready to root! In your device Do the following
    Go to settings->Applications->Check unknown sources.
    Go to settings->Applications->Development->Check USB Debugging.
  • Now you need to install ADB Drivers,First Extract ‘’.
  • To install ADB Drivers, plug in your device to your PC,without turning it off and do not mount SD Card.
  • When you plug in, windows will try to find drivers for “MICROMAX A50” and will simply fail. Don’t freak out.
  • Now go to Device Manager From Start Menu, right click on ‘Micromax A50’ and click ‘Update Driver Software‘.
  • On the new window, click ‘Browse my computer for driver software‘, then click ‘Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer‘. Click ‘Have Disk‘. On the new Pop-up window, click ‘Browse‘ and select ‘android_winusb.inf‘ from the folder you extracted from ‘‘.Now, from the list, select Android ADB interface and click next.
  • A Warning will pop up saying “Would you like to install this device driver software. Click Install and the drivers will be installed.
  • Open unlock root on your PC and click on ROOT! The program will root your device. When finished, it will ask you to restart your phone. So switch it off and switch it on again.
  • Now go through your app-drawer, you should find an application called Superuser.If you do,then your device has been rooted!


About Navin

Hey there, I am Navin, founder of A tech blogger and a Sr. Systems Administrator by profession with a leading university in Bahrain. Having more than 10 years of IT experience and blogging since 2005. Catch me on Twitter @navinshettyy or Google Plus.

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  • TechGopal

    a50 is nice device & i think it is easy to root than a75

    • Pavan

      Micromax A50 is a great device in 5k segment. Root method is quite big but not that much hard.

      • venkat

        please please find how to root micromax a52

  • Gullu

    nice tuts.. should i follow the same procedure for micromax a56?

    • Pavan

      No. This tutorial is strictly for A50.

      • Gullu

        can you post the tuts for a56?

        • Pavan

          I will definitely try to do that very soon. :)

  • p.raj

    how much time does it take to boot after flashing boot.img

    • Pavan

      Not more than 5-10 minutes

  • rana

    Gor a56, but dissapointed with in call sound, volume is loud but could not recognize near one’s voice. any solutions?

  • aquib

    Plss help is this procedure is not harmfull plss rply

  • zayan

    Please upload video of root mmax a50 plss I requist u . Help me my id is

  • nand

    Hi bro is their any way to root micromax A52..let me know

  • santosh

    Please find out method to root Micromax A45 please.

  • Lalit

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  • Sunny

    Need to root my Micromax A52. Very limited ram! Need to uninstall the bloatware… Plz helpssssss ^_^

  • areef

    do u knw how to root micromax A45? do u ever think od these device……. i wnt to man plzzzzzz tell me……….

  • areef

    EBOOT ERROR : ( 11003 )
    [COM SETTING] COM setting error!
    set COM fort fail!

    wht should i do???


    thanks man very thanks
    loved your root
    i have rooted my own thank

  • Amit Gurung

    Hi Pawan, I am using MM A56, I am also keen to know about rooting up the phone and what are the consequences of rooting up a phone. Does it enhance the performance of a phone? Also my phone is not getting charged, no matter how long I try. it shows that battery is charging but the the percentage is not rising up above 8, 10 or 15 percent., someone told me that its a software problem, is it possible? Please post the tut and drivers for A56 and help me to sort out the battery issue.

    • Pavan

      Hi Amit,
      You should probably try doing hard reset. Software issues will get resolved by this.
      If this doesn’t work go to the MM service center.
      I will definitely update here if I come across any rooting guide for A56.

  • abhisek

    Can we use it on mm a45? If no, can u plz posT a thread describing to root it!

  • ishan

    dude the file …when it loads into the sp flash tool..displays error and the sp flash tool closes…


  • Raj

    This isn’t working on A44.. Boot.img partition size changed error!! Can u plz help me with this?? I think this may work on A44 if it gets a complete bootimage… Plzz respond…… :-/

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    Hi you r grt
    ‘Is it safe to root your phone?
    I m having a 87 can this be applied to this
    wat r benifits of rooting
    I m in gujarat not computer savvy can give me address who can do this

    • Pawan

      I’ve mentioned that this guide is strictly for Micromax A50

  • manoj d sathwra

    respected sir,
    1)i hve micromax A50 mobile which is not starting now frm manny days.
    even i put on charging its not connecting to charging also.
    2) where is the service center of superphon A50 nearest to bhuj or gandhidham, kutch, gujarat?

    • Pawan

      1. What did you do to it?

      2. You can full list of Micromax service centers here

  • Deep

    pls upload a video of rootin the Micromax A50 plss plss plsss plsss!!!

  • akshay

    plzzz tel ….how cn we root micromax A44…..???

  • rikam

    Dude, I have A-57 Nunja 3 .
    Is der Any Root Process for Dis Model,
    & why Warranty Will be Void.

  • akshay

    shall i take the risk ..
    by applying the same method of rooting..??
    for micromax a44

    • Pawan

      No, It is strictly for A50

  • Naveen

    Hi Pawan,

    I want to know the root of A44. Please Help if possible. :)

    • Pawan

      If I find any method, I’ll update it on my blog.


    I’ve seen many people commenting for the a45….i was wondering if u would help us…so just copy paste and shoot the a45 guide to……..lovin’g ur work bro….bye the way thanx…..

  • kartikey

    i always get stuck on step of selecting mt6573 scatter file.
    my pc shows me an error and when click ok then their is another popup like message showing abnormal program termination.pls help me
    iam using win xp 32bit !!

  • Ramakrishna

    can i root micromax a80.

    • Pawan

      This procedure is strictly for Micromax A50 and should not be followed on any other smartphone.

  • samyak

    I want ur help..
    i rooted my android mobile Micromax a50 using ur method and i was successful and i installed rom manager. than i uninstalled the google apps
    like gtack,gmail,etc.
    than i reset the factory setting of the phone. after reseting i started my phone but the result was it is starting but after touching the android icon
    nothing happens and a crash report is shown every time.
    I( hav searched a lot but cant find the way to restore the google services and apps.CAN YOU HELP ME??
    Please reply as soon as u read this message.

  • ashish

    can u root intex aqua 3.2

    • Pawan

      You can’t use this method to root Intex Aqua 3.2

  • Mandar13

    how can i install new version os (Ics or jelly bean) in a50?

    • pavanbawdane

      @Mandar13 That May not be possible Mandar. I will let you know about this soon.