How to root Sony Xperia Sola

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If you have bought Sony Xperia Sola then its time to rejoice because one of the xda member has cracked the deal for you.uhh crack what?  Yeah..recently xda member krabappel2548 has released rooting tools for Xperia sola with which you can root & customize the device the way you want.
To remind you, we have recently covered review of Sony Xperia sola & this guide explains you how to root Xperia Sola.

Before you proceed let me clear

  • Rooting voids your device’s warranty
  • You are following this tutorial on your risk & is not responsible to the damage that may cause.

Download following files

Installation of Prerooted image

  1. Unlock the boot-loader by going here & following instructions there.
  2. Download & unpack prerooted system
  3. Flash it via fastboot: “fastboot flash system system_prerooted.img”  & reboot > What is fastboot?

Installation & use of Xperia 2012 support to Flashtool

What is flashtool ?
Its a simple & unique tool that can be used universally to root & flash number devices.

  1. Download and unpack the original firmware
  2. Download the Flashtool from XDA Fileserver and unpack it
  3. Copy it to C:/ and overwrite all your Flashtool files
  4. Flash the ftf with Flashtool
  5. Reboot and enjoy
It is recommended by developer to delete following bloatwares
-Google Talk
– Adobe Flash Player
– Mcafee
– Neoreader
– Google Maps
– Google Streetview
– Protips
– helpapp
– Playnow
– Storefront
– Wisepilot
– Officesuite
– PlusOne
– FBmediadiscovery
– FBAppShare
– Retaildemo
– POBoxSkins
– POBoxSkinSelector
– Magicbox-popcap.apk
– Enchantedforest.apk

We hope this tuotrial works just fine with you. If you come across any difficulty, post the comment below and we will do our best to address your issues. Xperia Sola is pretty new handset and therefore it might take more time to have more custom ROMS.
Lets not forget to thank xda member krabappel2548 for this awesome tool. You can follow the original thread of his here.

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    Hi dearest Friend I have tried to root my Xperia Sola running ics 4.0.4 with locked boothloader for the past 2 weeks but without any success on my PC (windows version 5.1) because I don’t know to unlock the boothloader even after going through numerous sites including XDA developers …I’m very anxious to root my phone ….so is it possible to advice me of a one-click root method without payment to any people like one-click root …please help me with further details to my email … Thanks a lot in advance.