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How to Root Xolo Q600 Easily

Xolo Q600 is an Android smartphone released by Xolo Phones India a month ago. The Xolo Q600 is the budget Android smartphone which is available for INR 8.5k approximately.

At this price point, the Xolo Q600 offers the specs out of the box are 1.2 GHz dual core processor, Android 4.2 jelly bean OS, 4.5 inch giant FWVGA resolution display, 5 megapixel primary and 0.3 megapixel secondary camera. Not to mention, the phone supports dual SIM, which is current trend in Android smartphones.

How to Root Xolo Q600 Easily

As an Android enthusiast, I always look for more performance out of my smartphone and I play with different Rooting tools or testing different ROMs more often. So the forums like AndroidCentral, MoDaCo or XDA-Devs where you can see me buzzing around, when I’m not working.

If you’re more like me and willing to root your brand new shiny tinkling Xolo Q600 android smartphone then you’re in a right place. Since you are here to root your device, clearly you already know the good’s and bad’s of rooting.

So once you root Xolo Q600 you could start uninstalling out-of-the box unwanted apps (duh!) that simply sitting there and consume your memory or those you never use.

Today, I will be talking about detailed guide on how to root Xolo Q600 easily. The guide is divided into 3-4 sections and some of you might just feel like skipping instructions etc. I urge you to take this seriously and read everything before starting the process of rooting your Xolo Q600.

Let’s get back to our process of rooting this smartphone.

Before You Root Xolo Q600

  • I request you to take the full backup of all the important stuff that you’ve got on your Xolo Q600. Actually, rooting won’t remove or delete anything from internal or external memory however, I would like you to be on safer side.
  • You can use apps such as Super Backup and App Backup/restore. The super backup will help you in backing up contacts and SMS whereas App backup/restore will allow you to save the backup of apps.
  • It is recommended that you only proceed if there is sufficient battery backup on your Android smartphone. According to the developers and my personal opinion, please charge your device to 75% or more.
  • As usual, you also need to enable USB debugging. For that, please go into the settings > applications > developer options and tick the box for USB Debugging.
  • And finally, I take no responsibility if you end up losing your Android smartphone or brick it, but I will do my best to get it back to life.


There are two important files needed to Root Xolo Q600 and are listed below, download them first.

Xolo Q600 Auto Root Tool  – DOWNLOAD | Android MTK6589 Drivers -  DOWNLOAD

Steps to Root Xolo Q600

  • I’m sure you’ve enabled USB debugging. However, for some reasons, if you haven’t enable it, please do so before we start rooting Xolo Q600.
  • Download and install Android MTK6589 Drivers and Xolo Q600 Auto Root tool on your computer .
  • As soon as you’ve installed both, connect your Xolo Q600 to the PC but, don’t turn USB storage on.
  • Now, go back to the downloaded files and extract the contents of Xolo Q600 Auto Root tool on your computer.
  • Open this extracted folder and look for – RunMe.bat file and double-click to execute it.
  • A small command prompt window will popup asking you to press any key to continue.

How To Root Xolo Q600

  • Now, your job is to follow this instruction. Therefore, press any key and wait for some time.
  • After about 2-3 minutes, it will be finished and your device would restart automatically.
  • If the device doesn’t restarts, you will have to reboot it manually to take effects.

Congratulations. If everything go well you now own a rooted Xolo Q600. You can now install all those root required apps from the Google Play Store. You can overclock your device or even remove non sense apps. If there is anything more that you want to know from me, please leave a comment on our latest rooting article how to root Xolo Q600 easily below.

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