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How To Turn Off Auto Battle, Auto Run In Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds



Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is fairly different from previous games in the Ni no Kuni franchise. One of its new features that sprinkles a little something special for players is the ability to play automatically with their character.

Since this is not something every player will prefer out there, know that you can toggle the auto-battle feature in the game. The following guide will show you how in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds.

Can You Turn Off Auto Combat In Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds?

The quick answer is, yes and no. There have been some ongoing teething problems with the PC client especially, but some have found it runs smoothly.

To turn off the automatic combat in Cross Worlds, you’ll need to hit the tiny swords button on the right of the Familiars bar at the bottom. You can click through options like a semi-automatic, fully automatic, and off. To actually, totally, turn it off though, you need to hold the button down. Then, you need to de-select every action and Familiar. This will stop the game from using them automatically when in a radius of battle. There are settings to adjust the radius in which the auto-combat happens, too.


When characters fight, icons will appear on the left of the hit button. The blue hue is highlighted when the auto-battle is on. The color of the icon goes gray, so the heroes will stop fighting and use their own skills.

Please note that in the computer version, there might be bugs that won’t turn off the auto-boy. This might be fixed later.


In the settings, you can set the distance between three and 30 meters, in which the character starts to attack his opponents by firing off automatically. This is the path that follows.

Icons (three dots in the left) > Gear (at the bottom of the screen) > Game (stick icon) > Battle > Autoboy distance.

You can also customize another setting:

  • Include a counterattack on a target that is outside the auto-combat range (for example, a counter-attack on a target who is longer than the specified auto-combat distance);
  • Turn on the alarm when you turn off the radio.

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