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India’s Underworld Gangs Wars will start at the end of this year, gamers will get ‘pure native’ feeling



Underworld Gang Wars

Mayhem Studio has announced a new battle royale game for India. The name of this game is Underworld Gangs Wars. This is Mayhem Studio’s first title game, which is now all set to launch in India. In this game too, players will get characters, which will be from India only. According to the company, these characters will be inspired by the stories of India.

If we explain it to you in an easy way, then it will be like the characters in Free Fire MAX. However, there will be a difference in the characters of Underworld Gangs Wars that they will be Indian characters, whose stories will also be from India. This does not happen in Free Fire Max, due to which users are a bit disappointed.

Underworld Gangs Wars

Now if gamers will get Indian characters in Underworld Gangs Wars then surely gamers will be very attracted to this game. The company has also launched an official trailer of this game. In this Battle Royale game, the names of the plot, locations, gangs, and all the icons will also be in the Indian context. According to the company, the theme, weapons, and maps of this game have also been designed in a slightly different way, which will give users a new battle royale gaming experience.

The gameplay will be such that an underdog gang on the west side seeks to control the eastern region from their arch-rival urban gang. In order to provide the users with an immersive and original experience, the developers have recreated the original location of India in this game. It also has several iconic landmarks, such as forts, stations, stadiums, and racecourses.

Pre-registration will start on May 22

The game is scheduled to launch later this year. The pre-registration for this game will start on 22nd May. Ojes Vipat, CEO, Mehm Studio said, “We are very excited to launch our first battle royale title. It will offer gamers the most relatable storylines. We are very excited to launch a Blockbuster game with some unique stories from India for the world’s first time at the earliest.

Underworld Gangs Wars will be a special battle royale game from India, which Mayhem Studio is going to launch later this year. The characters, story, map, and location of this game will be based in India. The pre-registration for this game has also been announced. Let us tell you about this game.

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