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Instagram Down Trends On Twitter As Photo-sharing App ‘not Working’ For Some Users





  • Instagram is down for select users in the country.
  • Downdetector reported the outage after hundreds of users complained.
  • Meta hasn’t responded on the matter.

Instagram is down for some users in India. Downdetector confirmed the outage and said that users are unable to log in to the app. Affected users have taken to Twitter, besides Downdetector, to complain about the issue they are facing. Meta hasn’t acknowledged or commented on the outage yet.

Hundreds of users in India have taken to the outage tracking platform Downdetector to complain about the issues they are facing at the time of accessing the photo-sharing app. The server error has primarily impacted Instagram mobile app users and the website is working perfectly fine.

As per Downdetector, most users are facing issues accessing the app. Several affected Instagram users have taken to Twitter to talk about the issues they are facing and most of them are related to server-side problems. It is worth noting that the outage has impacted some Instagram users only since the app is working fine for us.

Is Instagram down today?

According to digital services’ outage tracker Down Detector, the outage began around 09:30 AM IST earlier this morning. In less than an hour, Down Detector received about 1,500 reports from users while at 11:50 AM IST, the platform received over 2,500 reports from users in India. Out of these, about 45% of users are facing issues with the application, 37% are facing issues with the server connection and 18% are troubled with the website.

The global Down Detector portal reflects over 2,300 user reports, indicating that the outage is not limited to India. Users in Los Angeles and New York have reported that they cannot use the social media platform as well. While writing this report, Instagram has not acknowledged the issue. When a platform like Instagram, which has millions of daily active users is down, users log into other platforms to express the problems they are facing.

Insta down in these cities

Insta users are facing problems from around 9.45 am on May 25, 2022. According to the report, there is a problem in using Instagram in some cities of India. These include other cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Lucknow, and Bangalore.

Insta down for some users

However, not every user is facing the problem of Instagram being down. Whereas, its users are facing different types of problems. In these, some users are unable to log in to their account, while some are unable to refresh the feeds on Insta. Apart from this, some users are not able to set up a new profile on Insta.

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