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Instagram gets a new map feature to let you look for restaurants in posts




Instagram is rolling out a new Maps experience that will allow people to discover popularly tagged locations around them. Users can use the feature to filter locations by specific categories such as restaurants, cafes, and beauty salons. This feature was launched in Japan a year ago and is being rolled out globally starting today. The searchable Maps feature is aimed at helping users discover popular locations nearby through tagged posts, Stories, and guides shared by other users. Users can find relevant locations on the map when searching with certain hashtags.

The Maps feature on Instagram allows users to filter out and search for locations by picking preferable options off a list of categories that include restaurants, theatres, beauty salons, cafes, etc. Before this feature rolled in, the only maps feature Instagram supported showed only tagged posts. This new update will furnish a list of places that can be access and visited around a user and as Meta explained, the feature will give users a more dynamic experience when it comes to locating popular spots around them via tagged posts, stories, and guides. Users can also find locations relevant to the hashtags they are searching for on Instagram.

Instagram Map to show popular places close to users

Essentially, the new Instagram Map feature allows users to discover out popular outlets including restaurants, cafes and other public hotspots near them. Overall, the new feature functions by collecting data from posts, stories and guides posted by users to determine their favourite places in a neighbourhood. Until now, Instagram users have used the platform as a search engine to find more about new places that other users have already visited. With the new feature, users will be able to search directly via a map-like interface that marks the popular location with respect to the search query.

Once users find the desired location, they can save it and view it later or send it as a direct message to their friends. The feature comes at a time when young users are using platforms like Instagram as search engines to discover new things, including online places to shop, places to visit and more. To recall, Snapchat also has a similar map feature that shows other people the location of a user (if enabled) and marks hotspots based on the number of visits and reviews.

Users will be able to place orders right in the chat

Recently, Instagram launched yet another feature which allows users to shop directly in the DM section. Further, users can also talk about any accessories or customisation offered by the business. Thereafter, the business account will be able to send them a payment request via Meta Pay, fulfilling which users can place their order right from the chat. Additionally, users will also get options to track their orders and ask the business any other questions.

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