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Jaejoong’s vocals impress the general audience in a special collaboration with the Japanese legendary singer Tamaki Koji



Jaejoong carried out “Melody“, a Japanese traditional, accompanied by its unique legendary singer Tamaki Koji on NHK BS Premium’s『Tamaki Koji Present』this Might third (the efficiency phase was recorded in late March).

Tamaki Koji commented about their particular duet on April, 2nd: “I’ve by no means considered singing「Melody」in collaboration with anyone else. It is the one music that I’ll sing freely following my moods. Nevertheless, this time, once I heard Jaejoong singing it, I informed him I’ll help and sing it following his personal method, that is how I felt. We had an pleasant second singing the music collectively.

Jaejoong was humbled and thankful for this excellent alternative with an enormous senior. 

Their collaboration garnered additionally quite a lot of consideration and praises from the final viewers: 

-Tweet of a producer,director: “Probably the most highly effective collaboration! Two nice singers!

-Tamaki Koji’s elder brother tweeted: “My brother was saying:  “Jaejoong‘s Melody is nice.” from earlier than.

I not often watch TV however I occurred to see Tamaki Koji sing. He’s an awesome singer in fact however a singer who was singing subsequent to him, JeJung? was additionally so nice. He appears to be Korean however to my shock he was singing a Japanese music so superbly.

What I consider JaeJoong-san is, in addition to he’s sooo good at singing, he actually loves singing. That is what at all times involves my thoughts. And he’s too good wanting.

I don’t know a lot about JaeJoong-san however I used to be impressed that he sang a music so superbly in Japanese within the nation which isn’t his dwelling. Melody was good.

-Watching Tamaki Koji present, I used to be surprised to discover a singer named Jaejoong-san was singing so nicely. By no means imagined a singer who can sing a Tamaki’s music like that. Not dangerous in any respect.

-Tamaki’s fan: “Wow this pattern is due to JaeJoong-san”

-I rewatched the a part of Melody by Tamaki & JaeJoong ^_^  & it was so good!! It’s actually superior for J-JUN to sing with Tamaki Koji~. I’m sorry to say however I solely know his title & face due to HYDE. I grew to become a bit involved in what sort of music he’s into.

-I loved Tamaki present 〜The songs I’ve listened since my pal strongly beneficial.
Simply One other Woman
I like these songs & I’ve supported him. Thanks for the charity work to medical front-lines.

-Then once more I’m watching Koji present which I recorded. Which teams did JaeJoong-san belong to? ♪Melody of Tamaki-san is creating an excellent ambiance.

-JaeJoong-kun sings so nicely. As he loves the music he’s made the lyrics his personal.

-‘Melody’ has been coated many occasions, however most singers don’t handle to go away Tamaki’s picture. Nevertheless once I listened to JaeJoong-san in ‘the Covers’ I believed he has made it his personal.
I bear in mind this (when watching Tamaki Koji present).

-Once more I knew about JaeJoong-san (his look on TV)
by the pattern chart. I hurried to look at this system solely to seek out it’s over T.T
His voice reaches folks hearts all of the extra in a time of issue.-JaeJoong-san’s singing was 500M occasions as nice as I had imagined. I need him to sing all completely different songs.

-JaeJoong‘s music was superior as at all times. I used to be much more touched that Tamaki Koji-san was matching J-JUN’s Key. ⭐︎ Thanks for the great duet!!

-Lastly I watched Tamaki Koji present that I had recorded. As for JaeJoong-san, I’ve heard of his title however I’m stunned to take heed to his music for the primary time correctly. There’s a soul in his music 👍 Being a center aged male Tamaki’s fan it’s fairly uncommon for me to say that “This younger singer is nice!” It’s a brand new discovery 👀 I believe I’ll verify his different songs on YouTube.

-Our over 80 grandpa is often in a daze however he was impressed by the singing voices of Tamaki-san & JaeJoong saying “Very nicely …😍” I ask for the rerun of the music program that inspired even the aged, Koji Tamaki Present (aired on 5/3) by the terrestrial channel 🙏

-Jaejoong-san’s singing was 500M occasions as nice as I had imagined. I need him to sing all completely different songs.
and so on…

(Credit reactions’ translation)

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