KFC's Zinger Set to Be the Fastest Fast Food in Space

KFC is going to space! Yes, they’re serious. No, this is not April 1st. The endeavor, which was boldly announced a month ago, started to achieve one of the most important milestones in commercial food history: to claim the title of the fastest fast food in space.

World View, an Arizona-based startup, is the company that will make all of these possible. That, and there are also other very important new updates that you might want to know with this historic entrepreneurial undertaking.

Endlessly Floating Over the Horizon

To give a little background information first, World View is by technical definition a commercial space company. Specifically, the company specializes in the delivery of very small vehicles of customized designs and functions up to our planet’s stratosphere.

Aptly named as “stratollites”, the vehicles are built to carry at least 100kg of ‘payload’, and it could stay hovering around the stratosphere for weeks at a time. The technology uses a simple configuration of balloons and solar cells, updated with today’s navigation tech. With the system adjusting balloon pressure in order to maintain altitude, navigation and positional maintenance are achieved using the planet’s wind currents.

Now, it can be argued that this is not essentially outer space. It technically is. but for non-argument’s sake, at least the curvature of the Earth is already clearly visible at this point.

One Small Bite for Man, One Giant Munch for Mankind

Of course, what better way to test and prove World View’s stratollites than with a big promotional stunt? In an advertisment that clearly makes fun of what should be boring laboratory tests, KFC delivered a rather epic showcase of what we’d like the actual condition tests would look like. Everything would, needless to say, still end on what has been already decided: launching a real Zinger to fly on a stratollite.

That’s right. It is going to be slices of bread, lettuce, spicy zinger chicken, and its usual assortment of condiments all floating around in the stratosphere for a spectacular advertisment campaign. It probably won’t be as neat and clean as a certain flying chair, or as close to real outer space as another specific dairy product. However, it’d be a space item with a zing (pun intended) of its own.

The real technical challenge, of course, is for World View to achieve success with the KFC test flights. Should this be accomplished, actual commercial launches would shortly follow. Applications would range from radar, to communication, to even scientific instrumentation, all within the client’s technical preferences.

Though of course, it might not be bad to add another item to the now established (almost) ‘outer space menu’.

Source: KFC, World View

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