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Meta’s new features will let you switch between Facebook, Instagram easily




Meta is bringing Facebook and Instagram closer. The company begins testing two new features that will make it easier for users to switch between their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Starting with profile switching, it looks like people will be able to quickly switch between their Instagram and Facebook account profiles if they add them to the same Accounts Center. Users will be able to see both their Instagram and Facebook profiles in one place.

Anyone using either app will be able to hop between them if they’ve linked those profiles through Meta’s centralized profile hub, the Accounts Center. When logged into one app, users can easily toggle between the apps now through the profile menu, where any linked accounts will appear.

Switch between Instagram and Facebook

Firstly, the company is introducing a new profile-switching interface that will make it easier for users to switch between Facebook and Instagram. The caveat is that they need to add the two accounts. Even if they have been made using different IDs — in the same Accounts Centre.

Additionally, the company is also rolling out a feature that will enable users to see their Facebook and Instagram profiles and notifications in one place. “Notifications will also be conveniently display for each profile. This will make it easy to stay up to date on activity across Facebook and Instagram,” the company says in a blog post.

Meta says that it testing this new feature globally on iOS, Android, and the web.

Create new accounts and profiles

Additionally, the company is also introducing a new account registration and login flow on both Facebook and Instagram. This will enable users to more easily log in and create new accounts across Facebook and Instagram. “People new to our products can create a Facebook or Instagram account, and then use that account to sign up for additional ones,” the company added.

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As far as the people who already have a Facebook and an Instagram account are concerned, Meta said that they can now easily use login information from one app to access the other, as long as their accounts are in the same Accounts Center.

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