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Microsoft Edge To Allow Users To Edit Images On Browser Itself Before Saving Them



Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has a tool in the works that will make it easier to capture content from the web. The latest build of Edge Canary includes a feature that lets you edit images before saving them. First flagged up on Reddit by Leo Varela, the feature is available as part of a controlled rollout for Edge Canary.

At the moment, when you right-click an image, you have the option to save it. This is fine for grabbing the exact image that appears on screen, but is rather limited. For example, I often have to crop images from press releases. This isn’t difficult, but it requires me to save the image, open up a photo editor, and crop the content. With this new feature, I could do all of that directly within Edge.

The first time you start up the browser, Edge will offer to import data from Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Depending on which one you’re coming from, that could include bookmarks, passwords, browsing history, settings, and any tabs you have open. This is a lot easier than manually adding everything, and takes the stress out of switching to a new browser.  If you choose to skip this, you can come back to it later by opening the Edge menu, choosing Settings, Profiles, and Import browser data. Choose the browser you want to get data from, then choose your categories. You can opt to choose or not choose what to bring over.

Page Layout

When first launched, Edge will ask you to make some customizations to the browser layout, but if you missed something you can always find these settings from the cog icon—top right on the new tab page—or through Settings and New Tab Page on the Edge menu. Here you have four options to choose from. Focused, Inspirational, Informational, and Custom. All ranging from the simplest, to the most custom.

Sync Devices

Many of us are using browsers on more than one device. So it makes sense to want all your data synced across them all. This includes, bookmarks, passwords, and browsing history. To do this on Edge, you’ll need to sign in to your Microsoft account on all the devices you want synced. Go to Settings and Profiles from the Edge menu to put in your credentials.

Once you’ve got your devices signed in, you can pick which data you want to sync. Open the Edge menu, choose Settings then Sync, and you can enable or disable the syncing of certain categories of browsing data.

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