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Minecraft big wilderness update is coming on June 7!! Check details





  • Minecraft big wilderness update arrives June 7th.
  • The Wild Update adds new environments, mobs, boats, and mud.
  • You can also sail a boat with a chest, so you won’t need to leave supplies behind if you’re crossing a lake.

It took several months, but Minecraft The Wild Update is nearly here. Mojang and Microsoft are releasing The Wild across all platforms on June 7th, and it remains as enjoyable as promised. The refresh adds two biomes, a mangrove swamp as well as a “deep dark” that hides vicious mobs (such as the Shrieker and Warden) as well as special resources. You can also sail a boat with a chest, so you won’t need to leave supplies behind if you’re crossing a lake.

The Wild Update will be both beautifying and terrifying the Overworld on June 7, so start compiling a list of all the stuff you’re going to pack in your boat’s chest! There is going to be so much to explore, so let’s take a look at what’s coming so we can plan our first expedition accordingly.

The game’s upcoming update brings two new biomes to the game. The first biome is called ‘the deep dark’ and it lies far below the surface. Mojang Studios says to get there, players will have to find the base of a cave and start digging down. “One of the many remarkable things about this biome is how silent it is. That is until you set off a shrieker,” the gaming studio behind the decade-old game wrote in a blog post.

The second biome is called mangrove trees and they bring a new type of wood to build with alongside the new mud block. Players can craft the new mud block using dirt and water.

New mobs

In addition to two new biomes, Minecraft upcoming update is also bringing three new mobs to the game. First is the warden mob that is found in the deep dark. The company says that stealth is the key to getting out of the deep dark, which is a separate update that the company folded into The Wild update last year. The second mob is allayed, which will help players collect new items in the game. The third mob is the frog that creates a ‘frog light block’ if it attacks magma cubes.

An interesting fact about the frog mob is that it is three mobs in one. “before a frog is a frog, it’s the baby frog, which is actually a tadpole, making it the only mob that has a different baby version of itself. Technically, before it’s a tadpole it is frogspawn. So is it technically three mobs,” the company explains.

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