This New Multi-Terrain Security Robot is Slick

Knightscope is pretty much already an upcoming name in the autonomous robot industry, for the first half decade of the company’s introductory product line-up at least. That, and it also got a few infamy points counting that one recent unfortunate incident of its brethren.

Adding to the company’s growing fleet of security robots is a brand-new model that will might just completely redefine its product lineup. Meet K7, the slickest security robot that’s designed to beat all of its predecessors.

The Space-Age (Looking) Security Buggy

Credit via Knightscope Inc.

The K7 was unveiled at a company-held event this week, after hinting and teasing at its development for quite some time. As you can see from its shown profile above, it has this space-age design that gives all the curves on its standard white and blue motif. Its four wheels make it markedly distinct from its more ‘vertical’ predecessors, making it look like some type of buggy.

Standing at about 1.5 meters tall and about twice as much long, it can run at a leisurely cruise speed of about 5 kph. This is kind of strange as it was obviously designed to cover larger distances with its form factor. However, the speed limit has one technical reason: multi-terrain function. The K7 is also designed to run on multiple types of terrain. Think Opportunity rover, but much, much ‘faster’ (5 kph as opposed to 0.03 kph). It is reported to be able to travel urban roads, grass, sand, and gravel without deviating too much from its default maximum speed.

Like all of its mobile predecessors, the K7 is also installed with your typical array of self-navigation hardware. Its collective functional sensors and cameras relay data that is transmitted directly to any connected human observer or supervisor.

A Guard Duty Step-Up

Knightscope currently advertises the K7 to be eventually used in public service centers, or on transportation hotspots such as airports. Being a security robot, it may not be as accommodating as Korea’s current travel destination guides. But it will be able to scan visual access and identity-based information, as well as detect unregistered or unauthorized personnel. Unfortunately, much like the older K3 and K5, it doesn’t have any tools or double killer mini-guns armament that will enable it to actually apprehend intruders.

If you own an establishment and is interested to hire these robo patrol guards, Knightscope can rent some of its K7 units for your business. No established prices yet however, but looking at the current rate of $7 per hour for the K5, clients might just be in for a bit more sophisticated service value.

Source: Knightscope

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