The New Nokia 3310: A Leap to its Future

It’s back! After many years of having been turned into a tech legend, the newly revived Nokia has finally unveiled the new and updated version of the beloved 3310. Will it live up to the indestructible legacy of its predecessor?

To sum up the recent announcement, here are some of the highlights, as well as other nifty tidbits, that you should know about the upcoming product:

It’s Colorful Inside and Out

Credit via Nokia

Instantly noticeable is the color screen, which the new 3310 now sports on a much larger 240×320 2.4-inch screen. The obvious reasoning is that while older LCD screens may amp up the nostalgia factor, functionality-wise, the classic black and white (or green) screen just wouldn’t hold up to today’s practicality standards. As for the model’s default color availability, the non-dark blue variants opted for brighter neon tones, rather than the subdued hues of previous base models.

Connectivity is More or Less the Same

Credit via Flickr by Akedalmans

Connectivity is a feature that Nokia strangely left quite near the nostalgia cloud. Unlike most other features, wireless connectivity stays at an archaic 2.5G, which means that internet speeds are expected to be slow as hell. This doesn’t help that fact that it is devoid of other typical long-distance wireless connectivity features. So no WiFi, no GPS. It does have Bluetooth and FM radio however, so there’s that.

More Icons, More Icons

Credit via Nokia

Seeing a plethora of icons is typical for any smartphone or tablet. But for the Nokia 3310? It didn’t even follow the already similar icon layout that we use today. The new 3310, however, chooses to keep it modern using the oh-so-familiar app layout. This added other options and features that were not in the original, such as Videos, Notes, Weather, and other typical widget-y features on modern smartphones. Oh, and there’s that new Snake game too.

Low Profile, High Profile

Credit via Flickr by Kevin Steinhardt

Due to the modernization of electronics today, high-spec hardware can now be squeezed to very thin profiles. With the new 3310, it’s a piece of… well, brick. The design sports a much thinner look, albeit a bit wider, which looks even wider with the front face and enhanced screen. Batteries, which will now last a month on standby, are still detachable and swappable. The same compartment also reveals an SD card slot, which you can probably only ever use for media, given what it could access and how fast it could access.

A Camera for Everything

Yes, the new 3310 has a 2-megapixel camera. Nuff’ said.

The unveiling after the much-promoted announcement of the 3310’s return did stir up so many varied opinions. People on one side praise the product for its innovation and redesign towards a more modern market, while others reconsider the fact that it did not completely bought into the nostalgia factor (by using original features) while also not optimizing the features (to their maximum extent) it boasts.

Regardless of opinion, however, the new Nokia 3310 is expected to generate a lot of buzz of the next couple of weeks.

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