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Nothing Phone 1 India Pre-Order Details Briefly Surfaced on Flipkart



Nothing phone (1) pre-order


  • Nothing phone (1) pre-order process has begun in India.
  • People will require an invite code in order to get the pre-order pass.
  • The Nothing phone is expected to be priced between Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000 in India.
Customers can now get in line to buy the pre-order pass for the Nothing phone (1). The company has opened the pre-order process for the device. People will require an invite code in order to get the pre-order pass. But, how will you get the invite code for this? Keep reading to know more about it.

In the run-up to its official launch, Nothing phone (1) has been generating a lot of excitement. The smartphone is expected to be officially launched on July 12. Ahead of its much-anticipated launch, the brand has started its public waitlist for invite-only pre-orders of the smartphone.

Customers who have the UK-based company’s dedicated pre-order pass will be able to book a slot to buy the smartphone after its launch.

How will users be able to buy the Nothing Phone (1)

Step 1: You’ll receive an email with an invite code. This email will have a pre-order pass. This is the only way one will be able to pre-order the device.

Step 2: After receiving the code, you’ll have to secure your pre-order pass by paying an amount of Rs 2,000. The Rs 2,000 deposit will ensure that your pre-order pass works when the device will be listed.

Note: In the leak, the Nothing listing suggests that the Pass will guarantee that the user will be able to pre-order the Nothing Phone (1). This doesn’t ensure that you will get the device.

Step 3: The listing informs us that the pre-orders will go live at 9 pm on July 12.As soon as the window opens the buyer will have to log in to Flipkart and make the purchase. The token amount of Rs 2,000 will be adjusted in the final price of the device.

Once the refundable amount is deposited, Flipkart would email the invite code to customers for pre-ordering the phone. The pass would also bring access to some exclusive pre-order offers as well as a discounted price of a Phone 1 accessory that could be a case.

Customers holding the pre-order pass will be able to purchase the Nothing Phone 1 from Flipkart on its launch date — at 9 pm on July 12. The Rs. 2,000 deposit for the pass will be deducted from the final price, per the details available on one of the screenshots.

Flipkart will also apparently have exchange offers and no-cost EMI on the Nothing Phone 1.

Earlier this week, Nothing itself revealed that the anticipated Phone 1 will initially be available through an invite system. This would help the company to understand the demand for the phone as well as create hype in the market.

Nothing CEO and Co-Founder Carl Pei previously used the tactic of enticing customers via sale invites during his previous tenure at OnePlus. The Chinese company sold its initial models including the OnePlus One through an invite-only mechanism that helped it become popular.

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