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Pacman 30th anniversary



Pacman's 30th anniversary

Pacman’s 30th anniversary is one of the mega-event of the company to celebrate the popularity and excellence of the game from the arcades to the smartphones. This game was first originated in the year 1980 by a Japanese manufacturer Namco Limited.

The Pacman has the ability to influence gamers with its amazing designs. Witnessing such a level of popularity for an electronic game is not a joke. It is highly profitable since it has multiple versions. In fact, it became so popular in such a short span of time that it started emerging in the newspapers, magazine articles, cartoon television series, popular songs, and merchandise in the United States on the best-seller lists. So, to admire this popularity, Google is all set to celebrate Pacman’s 30th anniversary and embedded its link on the page logo for free play.

  • So, now Google Doodle is celebrating Pacman’s 30th anniversary. With this, the users can play the game on Google’s landing page itself. For now, the game is readily available to play on all gadgets.
  • The amazing sound quality, graphics, and designs of the game will make you feel nostalgic and will take you back to the memory lane of the 1980s video game era. So, if you were a die-heart fan then you can find the Pacman 30th anniversary game in games stores without any problem.

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History of Pac-Man

  • As we know, the Pacman originated in the year 1980.
  • The gameplay includes a yellow round consuming and also running away from ghosts. this surely has made our days many times. You won’t believe it but, Actually, this pop-culture symbol was developed by a very young computer game developer whose name was Toru Iwatani. According to him, when he first started preparing the title, “arcades were loaded with fierce computer games that had you eliminating aliens.”
  • At that time, Toru Iwatani was already in the gaming market and was helping Namco. In fact, he even designed more such games that children find fun to play with. But soon he realized that video games are not only for the kids. so he broke this stereotype and designed games for ladies and pairs too so that they can also have fun while playing them.
  • The amazing thing is that in almost a year, more than 100,000 copies of this wonderful game were sold.  This is basically an arcade game designed by Japanese manufacturer Namco limited. Till now the Pacman became so popular for its amazing graphics and design. It has countless versions.
  • The best part is that anyone can play this game in both modes – online and offline.  But it is mainly popular for its latest version. You will be surprised to know that this is the only game, that has survived this long. And the best thing is that now to celebrate Pacman’s 30th anniversary, google embedded its logo on their page for free play google link.

Pacman’s 30th anniversary: How to Win

Now you must be thinking that how can you win the Pacman game, for this follow the quick tips given below :

  • Pacman is a popular and challenging game. So to win it, you must have a competitive spirit, only then you can win big.
  • Here the competition with the multipliers also raises the game level and also helps you to increase your score.
  • Moreover, the game also offers a bonus round that will give you an extra life in case you lose all, you can use that.
  • If you are planning to achieve the leaderboard then reactions and reflexes can do wonders for you.
  • Once you achieve the leaderboard, then the time comes to challenge your friends and become a popular retro gamer.
  • You can also take the help of leader board support

Method for playing Pacman on Mobile on Pacman’s 30th anniversary

If you want to play Pacman on mobile, then you can do this as well. For this, initially, you have to go to the chrome and then open it on your mobile phone.  For this just type Pacman Google Doodle 30th Anniversary in the search bar.

As soon as you do that, the Doodle will appear on the screen that will allow you to play the game on the web. Simply click Play to begin playing.

If you are playing it on the Desktop, then you have to use the bolt keys to control the person. Else, everything is something similar.

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Why Does Pacman Game Have such a Fan Base?

By now, you must be thinking that what is so special bout this 30-year-old game, right?  Well, Pacman holds a very special place in the people’s hearts since people are still way much interested in playing the token games. As we know, nowadays, token games can only be played on the gaming consoles. So, Google valued its company and wants to celebrate Pacman’s 30th birthday for continuously maintaining the market dominancy, consistency, and commitment among players.

Pacman’s arcade party – 30th Anniversary edition

  • PAC-MAN 256
  • Ms. PAC-MAN
  • PAC-MAN Party Royale
  • PAC Is Back!

The 13-in-1 games list Google Doodle Games of Pacman

  • Games list
  • Pac-Man
  • Ms. Pac-Man
  • Pac-Mania
  • Galaga
  • Galaga ’88
  • Bosconian
  • Dig Dug
  • Dragon Spirit
  • Galaxian
  • Mappy
  • Rally X
  • Rolling Thunder
  • Xevious

Final Words

Hey readers, this is all about Pacman’s 30th anniversary. This is such a great thing that a big company like google is admiring its authentic games and is celebrating its 30th anniversary with such a great gesture. Such kinds of admiration always motivate and set an example for the gaming industry.

If you also want to enjoy that retro era and go down the memory alone of age-old games that are still holding a place in our hearts, then you must play the game once. You can do so by simply going to the browser of your choice and entering the Pacman’s 30th anniversary, and it will redirect you to the game link.

I hope you would find the post fruitful if you are a gaming enthusiast. If Yes, then share it maximum with your play-mates.


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