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Well, making a portrait or painting on the smaller display smartphones is quite difficult but the smartphones with medium or giant screen size have the freedom to enjoy each pixel with an app such as Paintrala. There are so many applications available in Google Play Store that allows you to create and share your paintings on various social platforms such as Facebook, twitter and so on. But hold on! Paintrala is not the same. It is indeed a standalone platform where you can share your drawings, participate in various contests, follow other fellow painters and artists etc.

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Introduction to Paintrala

Paintrala is an SNS platform where talent meets creativity. Whether you’re fond of painting or not, Paintrala has something special for everyone out there. Well, the name itself suggest that the application will allow you to create and share your paintings but it does the same by using its own social platform. Plenty of painting tools such as brush, pen, sketch pencil, highlighter and rubber will help you in creating your painting even if you’ve zero knowledge about the field. Let’s dig deeper and see what are the features that makes this application very pleasing.

Note – Paintrala Drawing tool is compatible with only Samsung smartphones.

User Interface

I tested this application on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and frankly I don’t think there would be any difference in basic user interface of the application on various Android smartphones. The first start-up of the application will ask you to create an account. Sadly, you can’t use social accounts such as Facebook or twitter to log in. So, you’ll have to create a new one. Nothing too shabby here as it takes nothing less than 20 seconds. Once you’re done, you’ll be asked to follow some fellow artists who have drawn paintings and are popular over on Paintrala. Completely optional but I recommend you to follow few people. After following handful of people, you’ll be pleased to see their drawings (their work) right in front of you. Bottom section is where you’ll find most of the options such as your own profile, a place to start your paintings and so on.

Features of Paintrala

Feeds – Feeds is a place where you and your friends can share your work (paintings) and interact with it by posting a feedback through comment or simply use the like button to show your love. You can also add these paintings into your collection so you won’t need to worry about finding them all over again.

Gallery – Gallery is where you can find various paintings right from those which are hot right now to the ones which are today’s choice. Hot now section will show you few hot paintings which has received too much of love from various Paintrala users. Today’s choice section will be full of paintings that are popular for that particular day.

Paint – Aah! This is the place where you can create your own painting’s right from scratch or by using some pictures from your smartphone’s gallery. This is where you’ll find tools such as brush, pen, sketch pencil with an options such as the size of the tools, color etc. You also have the rubber, color picker, undo and redo buttons at your disposal. All these options are present on top left corner. Did you notice a horizontal strip at the bottom? It allows you to apply various effects on your portrait/painting. These effects are quite beautiful and I sincerely loved them all.

Contest – Well, there are handful of contests going on on Paintrala and this is the place to get to know about such contests. After all your hard-work is being appreciated and who wouldn’t love it?


Full five stars for performance. The application performs quite good except few glitches while loading the stream. I observed black/white lightning while scrolling up and down when the feeds stream was loading but that didn’t affect anything. There were absolutely no freezes and any other glitches.


Paintrala is compatible with Samsung smartphones only. I’m very confident that the developer soon might release this application for other Android smartphones too.

You must give it a try if you’ve an Android smartphones from Samsung.

Picture Gallery

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