SpaceX Official Space Suit Finally Unveiled

Brace yourselves, because SpaceX is now driving its way to finally send people in space! No, not soon, but we’re finally heading there. That is because Elon Musk had finally unveiled and long-awaited space suit design of its space venturing company.

A Tinge of Modern Tech

Unveiled by none other than Elon Musk, the very first visual confirmation of SpaceX’s upcoming space suit was unveiled in an official post via Instagram last week. No technical details were presented, unfortunately, but the clear first image does provide at long last a formal representation, a showcase of what the company wants its future manned commercial ventures would look like.

Taking a note from the update itself, the image pictured above shows the actual suit, and not an advertising mock-up. This means that the image itself is showing the very suit that is to be worn by SpaceX’s very first customers. In other words, a ready-to-use finalized version…ish. Okay, probably not exactly the one pictured above, but its designs seem more or less standardized in its current simple, yet still somewhat sleek configuration.

As mentioned earlier, Elon Musk did not provide any more details for that specific update that he announced. So, sadly, there is absolutely nothing to report in that regard (for now). However, he did promise that “more in days to follow”. As such we can expect more information, and perhaps technical details, to be unveiled very, very soon.

A Peek into the Commercial Future

Credit via Flickr by Simon Law

Balancing its design and look for the modern era was most likely the biggest hurdle for SpaceX. After all, as a commercial enterprise (pun intended), they do still kind of need to prioritize visuals for their customers. It’s not as if these space suits are to be worn like experimental aircraft jumpsuits. Though to be fair, the first wearers of these commercial space suits would most likely still be certified astronauts on their way to the ISS.

Then there is also the grander objective of using the space suits beyond Earth orbit. The image that Elon Musk revealed indicated that the suits are built only as in-vehicle suits, and so are most likely not compatible with other configurations such as those made for spacewalks. On destinations like the Moon and on Mars, a specific configuration would most likely be required, perhaps something that could be conveniently integrated into EVA suits like the one pictured above.

Waiting for those updates, SpaceX!

Source: Elon Musk (Instagram)

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