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Starlink satellite internet is now available to order in 32 countries





  • Starlink is expected to soon arrive in countries in Africa, Asia
  • It had previously planned to deploy Starlink terminals in India
  • SpaceX had to issue refunds after it failed to acquire a license in India

When you think of billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, chances are high that you think of his electric car company Tesla, his space exploration venture SpaceX, or his bid to take control of Twitter. Perhaps it’s his history of stirring up controversy on social media or smoking weed with Joe Rogan that comes to mind. Maybe you just know him as one of the richest people on Earth.

Something you might be less familiar with is Starlink, a venture from Musk that aims to sell internet connections to almost anyone on the planet by way of a growing network of private satellites orbiting overhead.

SpaceX’s satellite internet service Starlink is now available in 32 countries around the world, the company has announced. Starlink shared a screenshot on Twitter showing the service’s availability map, which shows the service as “available” across most of Europe and North America, as well as parts of South America, Australia, and New Zealand. Much of the rest of the world, including the entire continent of Africa, is shown as “Coming Soon” with availability expected at various points in 2023.

The service, which has been available since fall 2020, offers the promise of higher speeds and lower latency than other satellite providers. After a few years of launches, the company has amassed a constellation of more than 2,000 low Earth orbit satellites.

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet

Starlink’s services will come to India in the coming years. More details about the availability of satellite internet in India should surface in the coming days. Previously. customers in India have to pay $99, which roughly translates to Rs. 7,400. The internet connection is said to have a latency between 20 to 40 milliseconds and speeds might range between 50-Mbps to 150Mbps.

The kits recently rose in price and now cost $549 for reservation holders or $599 for new orders, and include a satellite antenna dish, a stand, a power supply, and a WiFi router. Service prices also shot up from $99 to $110 per month. Users can also now add a portability feature, letting them take the kit while traveling, for an additional $25 per month fee.

Previously, SpaceX had planned to deploy its Starlink network in India and provide complete coverage by the end of 2021. However, it failed to apply for a commercial license to provide broadband and other connections in India by the end of 2021. Its aim was to target rural Lok Sabha constituencies in the country to provide high-speed Internet access in remote areas where wired broadband Internet connections might be difficult to set up. The company would have utilized 80 percent of the Starlink terminal shipped to India for rural areas. SpaceX had ambitions of installing up to 200,000 terminals in India by the end of 2022.

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