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Telegram Premium subscription may cost Rs 349 per month in India





  • Telegram Premium subscription may cost Rs 349 monthly in India.
  • The premium subscription will include additional features, such as an updated upload size limit.
  • Telegram has denied commenting on the price of its subscription.

Telegram Premium has reportedly started rolling out to users in India. The instant messaging app announced earlier this month that it would put some advanced features behind a paywall and allow users to access them through a subscription. This is the first time Telegram has started a freemium model for its app since it became available nine years ago.

Telegram users will have to spend Rs 349 per month

India Today report states that many features will be available in this premium subscription of Telegram. As per the screenshot of Telegram’s Windows 11 app, Telegram Premium is priced at Rs 349 per month. In this, users will get some advanced features. However, regular users will be able to use it without paying.

Thus, now users who subscribe for Rs 349 will get some other features which include Duplicate Limits, 4GB Upload Size, Faster Download Speed, Speech to Text, No Ads, Unusual Reaction, Premium Stickers, Advanced Email Management, Chat, Profile Badge, Animated Features like profile picture, etc. will be available.

Please note that these features are currently not available for regular Telegram users. For example, currently, the upload size for files is 2GB, but now with this feature, users will be able to transfer files up to 4GB. Telegram also said that the features currently available to free users will remain the same. “In addition, even users who do not subscribe to Telegram Premium will be able to enjoy some of its benefits: for example, they will be able to view large documents, media files, and stickers sent by premium users. Will be.”

Telegram recently rolled out its version 8.7.2 beta for iOS

Telegram recently rolled out its version 8.7.2 beta for iOS that included new reaction emojis and stickers. These new stickers and emojis are said to be premium features available only for Telegram Premium users. All users will reportedly receive a prompt asking them if they want to sign up for the Telegram Premium subscription plan when viewing these reactions or stickers on the instant messaging app. The company, however, has not shared much information about the pricing and the exact availability of the Telegram Premium service yet.

In April this year, the company had added several new features to the app including custom notification tones, setting custom durations for muting chats or auto-deleting messages, and improved forwarding that preserves replies. It also introduced an updated picture-in-picture mode for Android users, while message translation got improvements on iOS.

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