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Telegram’s Premium subscription is here and it costs $4.99 / month



Telegram Premium plan

After announcing Telegram Premium earlier this month, the messaging app has finally rolled out the paid tier, which gives users access to extra features for $4.99 / month  All the features are outlined in a post on Telegram’s blog, with some of its bigger draws including faster downloads and a larger maximum file upload size of 4GB (rather than the standard 2GB).

Premium subscribers will also get double the limits imposed on standard users. Instead of joining up to 500 channels, subscribers are capped at 1,000 channels. The same goes for other features on Telegram — subscribers can create 20 chat folders with 200 chats each, save up to 10 stickers, pin up to 10 chats, and add a total of four accounts to Telegram instead of three. Premium users also get to have longer bios with a link.

Telegram Premium

“As Telegram keeps growing at rocket speed, many users have expressed their will to support our team. Today we’re launching Premium Telegram Premium – a subscription that lets you support Telegram’s continued development and gives you access to exclusive additional features,” Telegram wrote in a blog post announcing the news.

It is worth noting that the service was first announced by Telegram founder Pavel Durov via a post on his private Telegram channel. At the time, he had said that the only way to give users more demanding features was ‘to make those raised limits a paid option.’

Premium’s benefits

Moreover, non-premium users will be able to enjoy some of Premium’s benefits, like downloading extra-large documents and viewing stickers sent by premium users, as well as tapping to increase counters on premium reactions that were already added to a message. “The contributions of premium subscribers will help improve and expand the app for decades to come, while Telegram will remain free, independent, and uphold its users-first values, redefining how a tech company should operate,” said the company that directly competes with WhatsApp and Signal.

Faster downloads for Telegram Premium subscribers

Telegram Premium subscribers will enjoy the fastest download speeds from Telegram servers. “You can access everything in your unlimited cloud storage as fast as your network can keep up,” says a company blog post that announces the new service.

Telegram Premium has almost all the limits raised

Premium users will see almost all the limits lifted from standard accounts. Telegram Premium subscribers have the ability to follow up to 1,000 channels and create up 20 chat folders containing up to 200 chats each. They can also add a fourth Telegram app account, pin 10 chats to their main list, and save up 10 of their favorite stickers.

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