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The Sims 4’s Newest Policy Update Is Causing Tension And Panic Among Mod Users



SIMS 4 policy

Hey folks, as you know that in the month of July, EA launched an update to the SIMS 4 policy. This policy was regarding modding and content creation. While the post stated that EA understands mods are an “important part” of the player experience and outlined how players can re-enable mods following them being automatically disabled after The Sims 4’s newest update, it also established a new set of rules for content creators and modders–and not everyone is happy about them.

If we have a look at the EA’s new guidelines,

Then it states that from now onwards, The SIMS 4 custom creators won’t be able to promote mods “in a way that suggests they are endorsed by or affiliated with The Sims, Maxis, or Electronic Arts.” As such, creators are prohibited from using “any game logos or trademarks, including versions of the plumbob, or key art designs” to promote their creations.

Definitely, it will be a matter of inconvenience for modders as the second set of terms is proving far more controversial. Moreover, if we believe the reports, then According to the post, all content created by modders must now be distributed to the public, and that too free of cost.

This way, from now onwards,

Mods will no longer be “sold, licensed, or rented for a fee,” nor can they will be able to contain features that usually support “monetary transactions of any type.”

EA also said that the creators have full liberty to “recoup their development costs” by executing and publishing ads on their websites. In order to maximize revenue and donations–just so long as whatever in-game content they create is not behind a paywall.

Just after this announcement was made. Most of the content creators started speculating whether this would impact the community’s popular early access pay model. Especially in which creators use to offer mods and custom content. On sites such as Patreon to most of the paying subscribers for a certain duration of time before opening them up for public access. Moreover, a  Twitter user MarlynSims96  also shared a conversation. They had with a member of EA’s support staff indicating this was the case.

For some, that compensation has proven vital to their day-to-day life.

In their Patreon post about the policy changes. Creator JellyPaws wrote that Patreon funding is part of what enabled them to pay for their rent. Medication, and other necessities.

“Patreon early access is one of the only reasons I can afford my own medications, food, pet care, and apartment. So I can live above my disabled dad to take care of him.” JellyPaws wrote. “It’s really upsetting to see early access be wiped out. But I hope you all can continue to support my work. Even without the early access perk.”

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