This Russian Tech Suit is Straight Out of a Sci-Fi Movie

We are indeed living in a world where science fiction is ever becoming closer to reality. The militaries of the world in particular, has already adopted research programs and development projects that will yet again test the waters of innovation of our modern world today.

Just take Russia for instance, as one certain Russian organization is set to make black stormtroopers powered assault armors a technical reality.

The (Russian) Empire Strikes Back

Credit via RT

Yes, as much as we want to dismiss it as some kind of cosplay gimmick, every piece and detail of that suit are real and functional, at least in terms of design. The Central Research Institute for Precision Machine Building (TsNIIMash), an offshoot of Roscosmos, designed the armor to present the full plethora of new technologies that can be applied to infantry units today.

Its most basic function is, of course, its bullet and shrapnel protection, followed by enhanced support via powered exoskeletal units. In addition, the protective visor provides a heads-up display, using augmented reality to give more in-depth data of the current environment the user is on.

At an individual level, the technologies used themselves are not particularly impressive or innovative. As mentioned earlier, it has been already conceptualized one way or another to potentially enhance the modern infantry man. The implementation of these concepts as a whole is what makes it intriguing, and even exciting, to consider. If anything, it would definitely catch any attention with its almost sci-fi-esque appeal.

The Master Chief Army, Soon

Needless to say, even with the relative availability of its technologies, actual tests of even its prototype is still quite far away. As a basic concept, it is for now simply presented as a possibility, a proposal to a next-generation project that Russia’s military research institutions would definitely take on for the next few years.

As for other countries, we’ve certainly seen other institutions give their own versions of the enhanced modern infantryman concept. The United States military, for instance, is currently designing its very own powered assault armors, with very much the same general functionalities. China is also at its own development game, currently focusing on its advanced load assistive system that soldiers can easily use on the battlefield.

With all of these high-tech and next-generation ground military technologies supposedly coming within the next few decades, it is a serious and definite wonder if we’ll ever witness any of the sci-fi realms of recent popularity within our lifetimes.

Source: RT

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