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What Is Tiktok Big Bank Challenge? How To Do It?



Tiktok Big Bank Challenge

Tiktok is back again with an amazing challenge called Tiktok Big Bank Challenge. TikTok trends never leave any stone unturned to keep themselves in news every time.

So, always comes up with some never seen before challenges, and become viral in a few moments. Users, influencers, and celebrities everybody start making videos on the trendy challenges brought by none other than TikTok.

Now, this Tiktok Big Bank challenge has become so viral that it has over 1.3 billion views, Isn’t it amazing?

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What is the Tiktok Big bank challenge?

You must be thinking, about where it started and got inspiration from, right?

Well, this challenge has taken inspiration from the song ” Mean” by $not and Flo Milli. In this challenge, the only thing – Women use to flaunt off their booties while dancing to the words of this song as a challenge. As a result, in the challenge, a large bank equals a large sum of money.

Nowadays, many singers got huge benefits by making such challenges on social media, as their song gets instant popularity and becomes a hit. So, almost all hits of the year have earned a lot through such challenges.

Similarly, the song “Mean” of $not get immense popularity because of this big bank challenge. the lyrics of the song are like this – “I’ve got a little waist, attractive face with a huge bank”

When does this challenge start?

The video based on this challenge first came on January 2, 2021. it was uploaded by a TikTok account

In her video, the Tiktoker was wearing a subway restaurant outfit and danced to this song.  Can you guess in just 5 months, how many views it got? “8 Million Views”, Yes, read that right.

Since the upload of this video, a series of challenges began. The TikTokers have taken this task very sincerely. And uploaded almost 75000 videos on it, Isn’t it amazing?  Not only the first video but also the initial videos that were uploaded on this challenge got immense love from people and become viral too.

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How to do the TikTok Big Bank Challenge?

No, if you also want to stay in line with the current trends, and want to do this Tiktok big bank challenge, then follow the steps given below :

  • Firstly open the  TikTok app on your device
  • Next, you have to play the song “Mean” by $not and Flo. Milli. you can search for this song in the library.
  • After that, quickly turn around and start dancing to the tune of the music to show off your booty (big bank).
  • Don’t miss the beat here.
  •  While dancing, don’t forget to make a video of yourself.
  • What’s next? Nothing !! Share your video on TikTok so that others can watch it.

How Some TikTokers Made the Challenge More Exciting

Tiktok is full of young talents who have creative minds and kept on thinking about new ideas that can lighten up their videos, Isn’t it?

So, with this challenge too, many users have experimented with this challenge by ditching the style everyone was following and bringing something raunchy in order to bring thrill and freshness to this trend. and they got successful too.

In the recent videos, it is seen that now, content creators are wearing leggings and showing their amazing dance moves. Many even have created videos while dressed up in shorts or bathing suits

The reason is obvious, as such types of outfits accentuate the booty most. And this challenge is completely based on the concept of shaking the booty.

Critics’ Reaction to the TikTok Big Bank Challenge

Every coin has two sides. So, this challenge is also receiving mixed reactions from the people. Some are elated while others claimed it is vulgar and seductive.

The whole scenario depends on the diversity of opinions. So, we won’t make any judgment about her, whether it is right or wrong. it is everyone’s personal choice and interest. Nothing can be said firmly on it.

In fact, many social groups are of opinion that – Flaunting booties for a woman is not socially correct and unethical. They claimed that -people who are following this trend and making videos are just attention seekers.

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Wrap Up

Well, this Tiktok Big Bank challenge is really a fun task to do. Here the fun gets amplified when you do it with your friends or siblings.

So, keep dancing to the tune of “Small Waist Pretty Face,” and flaunt your amazing dance moves but don’t forget to write #bigbankchallnge in the caption of the video.

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