Top 3 Android Data Usage Watchdogs To Keep An Eye On Your Data Usage

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37PJB4A9K358 Many of the times when you cross data usage limit, your carrier doesn’t informs you and simply starts charging extra bugs on that. If you are lucky enough to be on prepaid, you might get notification about reducing balance. What if an app keeps eye on your Android data usage and simply cuts down the data network when it is near to exceeding limit. Sounds pretty neat!

Onavo count | Monitor data

Onavo-Android Data usage apps

Onavo count helps you to monitor your Android data usage and take essential steps whenever required. Easy setup, 3 widgets, customized alerts and automatic blocking tools will keep you safe from bloated data bills. Onavo keeps strong eye on data hogging apps and sends you an alert about it. Three new widgets including live data usage widget keeps you updated about your usage. One can restrict certain apps to only use WiFi and block 3G. Onavo throws early alert when predefined limit is reached. Based on your actual usage, you can get tips and plan details about certain carriers. This feature is country specific and therefore may not work for everyone.

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Onavo Onavo


My Data Manager

My Data Manager-Android data usage apps

My data manager is simple to use and more accurate data manager app. Automatic monitoring of your apps provides detailed information of apps that are using data. Usage alarms will help you to keep data usage within limits and thereby avoiding extra charges. There are three separate tabs to keep yourself informed about data usage when using Mobile Data, WiFi or Roaming. Detailed information about data usage of particular app can be understood by visualizations. Only disadvantage is you can’t move it to SD card. Doing so will disrupt monitoring services.

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My Data Manager My Data Manager

 3G Watchdog

3G Watchdog-Android data usage apps

3G Watchdog doesn’t have eye-candy user interface but it does not falls short on calculating accurate data usage. Don’t get misunderstood by its name 3G. It can count any data usage including WiFi. Go into the settings, set up your monthly limit, set an alert on when data usage reaches certain limit and sit back. 3G watchdog will do the rest. Status icon in notification bar turns red or yellow as you go on exceeding certain data usage limits. Overall report of data received, data sent and total data used can be exported to .csv. There are still certain issues when running it on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, 8.9 and Galaxy R/Z.

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3G Watchdog 3G Watchdog

Let me know in the comments below which one you have decided to use.